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Cox named fastest ISP for 3rd quarter of 2023

Robin Layton

Oct 20, 2023 — 2 min read

Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity are the current top 3 internet providers for speed.

Cox logo displayed on a tablet

Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence® ranks Cox Communications as the fastest fixed broadband internet service provider (ISP) of Q3 2023 with a median download speed of 260.09 Mbps. Spectrum, the top ISP in Q2, came in at 245.88 Mbps. 

Download speed rankings

Cox offers internet speed plans from 100 to 1000 Mbps, starting at $49.99/mo. Their ranking for 260 Mbps can power a home with 2 to 3 simultaneous internet users.

Upload speed rankings

AT&T Internet remained at the top with the fastest median upload speed at 188.60 Mbps. Upload speeds determine how fast your content posts online, how smoothly you can stream live video and video calling, 

  • AT&T: 188.60 Mbps
  • Frontier: 169.66 Mbps
  • Verizon: 91.36 Mbps

States with the fastest internet speed in Q3

Ookla reported that Florida has the fastest fixed broadband at 240.32 Mbps, with Rhode Island coming in second and Alaska last at 82.79 Mbps. 

Top cities for fastest ISP speed

Why ISP speed matters

Internet speed determines how fast you can surf the internet, connect to games, stream movies and more. If you work or study from home, your internet speed is critical to keep you connected without lag or glitching.

Ookla’s quarterly rankings provide a way to compare top ISPs in various categories, which can help you choose the best ISP for your specific internet needs. Enter your address and find out which ISPs are available where you live. 

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Robin Layton

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Robin Layton

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