Moving soon? Here’s what you need to know about transferring DIRECTV service

Taylor Gadsden

Jul 15, 2019 — 3 min read

Transferring your DIRECTV service is quick, easy and most importantly, free. Find out more with a full breakdown from our experts.

Prepare to cross “transfer TV service” off your moving checklist. If you have DIRECTV, thanks to their Movers Deal, transferring your services is easier than ever. When you’re ready to go, just call to schedule an appointment for professional installation at your new address, pack your things and be on your way. The best part? There are zero fees associated with moving DIRECTV services!

Check out a quick breakdown of what to expect and some installation options that are available.

DIRECTV transfer fees explained

Transferring service to your new address is simple and cost-effective due to the mandatory one-year contract you’ll need to enter for service at the new residence. Here’s how DIRECTV handles service transfers and what fees you can expect.

DIRECTV transfer fee

There is no transfer fee associated with moving DIRECTV services. However, you will have to enter into a new one-year contract at the new address. This one-year agreement is in addition to the remainder of your previous contract, so be sure that you’re completely happy with your service. Otherwise, it may be a better idea to look into a new TV provider.

If you do choose to prematurely end your contract in the future, you’ll be charged $20 for each month in the remainder of the agreement. Consider this cancellation fee before taking on the additional year of service at your new address.

DIRECTV professional installation

DIRECTV’s Movers Deal includes free professional installation at your new address. Although self-installation is also an option, the perks of a professional install are unmatched, especially one that’s free of charge.

When you call to schedule your service transfer, you’ll also schedule an appointment with a DIRECTV technician to come out at a time that works best for you.

DIRECTV self-installation

If you’d rather skip the technician’s appointment and set up your own services, there are a plethora of guides to help your install go smoothly. However, if you do opt for self-installation and something goes wrong with your service, you may be charged a fee for a professional installation after the fact.

Frequently asked questions about moving DIRECTV services

How do I let DIRECTV know I’m moving?

Call 1.888.DTV.MOVE (888.388.6683) when you find out your move-in date to schedule your service transfer and free professional installation at your new address.

Do I need to return my existing equipment to DIRECTV?

No. You will not need to return existing equipment. Take your TVs, DIRECTV receivers and remotes to your new service address and leave your satellite dish in place for proper removal.

What if DIRECTV services aren’t available at my new address?

Satellite TV service from DIRECTV is available in most major metropolitan and rural areas. However, if your new address is not serviceable by DIRECTV, you’ll need to cancel service and locate an available provider in your area.

If your contract agreement with DIRECTV has not reached its end, you’ll be charged $20 for each month in the remainder of your contract. For this reason, a DIRECTV service transfer request scheduled closer to the end of your agreement is recommended.

How soon can I get DIRECTV services at my new address?

Your DIRECTV services will be available at your new residence when your installation is complete. If you’re moving to an apartment or condominium, be sure to complete your landlord approval form beforehand to get DIRECTV installed.

Can I activate DIRECTV services at my new address before I move in?

Yes. Service activation at your new address is available when you’re ready. However, you should make sure that your move-in date and installation date are close in proximity as the services at your old address will cease after your scheduled transfer.

If there is a gap between your installation and your move-in date, you will still be able to stream TV shows and movies via the DIRECTV App as long as you remain a DIRECTV subscriber.

What if I need to change my move-in date?

That’s fine! Call 1.888.DTV.MOVE (888.388.6683) as soon as possible to reschedule your professional installation around your new move-in date. A technician’s calendar tends to fill up rather quickly so the sooner you can reschedule, the more likely your appointment will coincide with your move.

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