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Making the switch: What you need to know about changing internet providers

Consumers are growing increasingly displeased with internet providers. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), internet service providers, in…

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DIY alert ― how to set up AT&T Internet yourself

Learn how to set up your AT&T Internet and AT&T Fiber equipment with our easy-to-use guide. From cables to customization, we’ve got you covered!

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How to stream your favorite shows for free: Watch anywhere using your cable subscription

Looking to get your content on the go? Follow our guide to learn how to watch your favorite programming just about anywhere.

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Spotty Wi-Fi at home? How a mesh network could revolutionize your online experience

Tired of losing the Wi-Fi connection in your own home? Get uninterrupted connectivity throughout even the biggest of houses with a mesh network.

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What is fixed wireless internet — and could it be right for you?

Fixed wireless internet is becoming more common in rural areas. Learn how it works and get all the pros and cons.

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Are you streaming shows as sharply as you should? What you need to know about HDTV, Ultra HD and 4K TV

Discover the differences between TV picture resolutions and what they mean for your viewing experience.

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Are you canceling your HBO subscription? Experts predict exodus as Game of Thrones ends

Now that we know who sits on the Iron Throne, is it worth keeping an HBO subscription? Take our poll and tell us!

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Options for low-cost cable TV: How to slash your bill

Reduce your cable TV fees with these effective solutions, including cutting the cord or getting a digital TV antenna.

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The hidden internet fees you really pay with each provider (updated May 2019)

Avoid surprises on your next bill with our complete guide to internet fees including equipment rental, cancellation, installation and more.

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