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Local Phone Service

Traditional phone companies and broadband service providers are competing to be your local phone and long distance carrier. It's up to you to decide whether you keep a traditional land line or opt for the newer digital phone line. Either way, the competition means you've got more of a selection when it comes to choosing between home phone service providers. Both services have their advantages, so only you can decide which local and long distance phone service is best for your home.

Enter your address in the "Find Savings" box above and see which companies provide local and long distance phone services in your area. Most every plan comes packed with features, so they're "basic" in name only. Some calling plans even offer unlimited local and long distance calling along with popular calling features like Call Block, Priority Ringing, Caller ID and Call Waiting. All plans are backed by our Best Price Guarantee and online set up is free. Enter your address. Compare plans. Lower your phone bill. Get connected with the local phone and long distance service that works best for you.

Find Local Phone Providers

Once you've entered your address, you can shop and compare local phone services specific to your area. Which local phone service is right for you? Do you prefer traditional phone services from providers with several options like ATT bundles or Verizon bundles? Maybe you'd like to try one of the digital phone providers like Time Warner Cable or a packaged deal like Comcast Bundles. Either way, digital or analog, it's up to you. Enter your address above and compare prices and features for different phone plans available to you. Make your choice and get connected online for free!

Residential Phone Service Providers

From coast to coast, we offer local and long distance telephone services from national providers you know and trust. Shop online or call today to compare and connect service with your residential phone service providers. Whether you're looking for unlimited calling, special features, or a better way to save on the calls you make every day, we've got the phone service for you. You could even look into a phone, TV, and Internet bundle to save more when you connect all three together.

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