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If you're moving to Seattle, we can help you connect your new local phone servicecable TV, and high speed Internet from national providers like Dish Network dish TVXfinity Bundles, and DIRECTV. Enter your address above to compare everything from local telephone service to satellite TV and DSL high speed Internet. Allconnect is the fast and easy way to connect all your home services.

If you're not moving, you can still get connected in Seattle. Enter your current address to find a better deal on your existing service. Compare features and prices on your home telephone service, cable or satellite TV, and broadband or DSL high speed Internet. You could be saving money each month by switching to a new provider or just trying a new plan with your current provider. It's easy. Enter your address above to see what's available and connect online for free.

Seattle Phone, TV, and Internet Service Providers

Xfinity Bundles - cable Internet service, digital telephone services, and digital cable TV DirecTV - Dish satellite TV service Dish Network - Dish satellite television provider Qwest - Cable tv, phone and Internet services ADT Security Choice

Order Home Services in Seattle: Gas & Electric Utilities

Established over 100 years ago by the citizens of Seattle, Seattle City Light continues to offer affordable, reliable electricity while leading the way to energy efficiency. Seattle City Light has recently reached its goal to reduce net green house gas emissions to zero. A huge feat accompanied by other environmentally friendly projects like converting Puget Sound ferries to bio-diesel and offering on-shore power to cruise ships in the Port of Seattle. Both projects have worked to greatly reduce pollution in the area.

Seattle homeowners can also take advantage of a home security system from Security Choice. Offering 24 hour home security monitoring, 7 days a week, a security system from Security Choice is pure confidence in your home's safety. And that confidence can translate to 20% off your homeowner's insurance policy from most insurance companies. Enter your address in the "Find Services" box at the top of the page to see which security systems are available in Seattle.

Moving to Seattle, Washington

Located off the Puget Sound, Seattle, the "Emerald City", is both a commercial and cultural port. Home to many business ventures and ground breaking ideas, Seattle is known for its special blend of business and pleasure. From well known brands like Starbuck's, Seattle's Best Coffee and Tully's to its lush forests and legendary drizzle, Seattle is a place made of imagery.

Seattle is also the meeting place of imagination and innovation. Several international companies are headquartered here. From Internet powerhouse to traditional retailer Nordstrom's, the entire Puget Sound area is a prosperous mix of progressive ideas and traditional work ethics.

Get settled in Seattle. Enter your address in the "Find Services" box at the top of the page and let us help you connect your new telephone, digital TV, and cable or DSL Internet connections. There's no cost to set up your account online. You can also find more information about Seattle at

Once you're settled, get out and see what the Northwest has to offer. Enjoy the coast, forests and unique cultures all around you without picking up and moving to Portland, OR.

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