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Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah?

Often called “Salt Lake” or simply “SLC,” Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for its snow skiing resorts and industrial banking market. One of only seven states to allow the establishment of commercially-owned industrial banks, there is a large concentration of industrial bank headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City has long been a ski resort of choice. However, tourism as a whole increased dramatically after the 2002 Olympic Winter Games were held here. Similarly, the convention business has boomed since the creation of the Salt Palace. Each year, Salt Lake City hosts the Outdoor Retailers convention and Novell’s Brainshare convention. Salt Lake City has a lot to offer both professionals and recreational enthusiasts. For business or pleasure, we’ll help you set up your new phone, digital TV, and cable internet connections. Call today to set up your services. You can see more of Salt Lake City by visiting the Salt Lake City website.

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