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Whether you’re moving to San Antonio or just shopping around, Allconnect® can help you find top TV and internet providers in your area. We partner with top TV and internet service providers in San Antonio to bring you some of the best deals available. Call today to discover deals near you.

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What internet providers are in San Antonio?

AT&T and Spectrum are the largest internet service providers in San Antonio. Both providers offer individual internet plans or internet bundles with TV and home phone options.

Depending on where you live in San Antonio, you may have access to DSL or fiber internet service from AT&T. Both services give you a dedicated broadband connection, which means you’re less likely to experience slower internet speeds during peak usage times.

Each AT&T internet package features a full suite of anti-virus software, dependable wireless signal throughout your home and access to more than 300,000 hot spots spread all across the country at no extra charge.

  • Internet type: DSL and fiber
  • Availability in San Antonio: 97% DSL, <10% fiber
  • Max internet speeds: Up to 50 Mbps DSL, up to 1 Gbps fiber
  • Data caps: 1 TB/mo. or no cap depending on plan
  • Equipment included: home Wi-Fi router
  • Contract: 1-year service agreement

Spectrum is the largest cable provider in San Antonio. Spectrum internet speeds vary by location, but you could get an internet plan ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Spectrum also offers a contract buyout offer, which can save you up to $500 if switching services from a different San Antonio internet provider.

Each Spectrum internet plan includes an internet modem, anti-virus protection and unlimited monthly data. You also get free access to hundreds of Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots across San Antonio.

  • Internet type: cable
  • Availability in San Antonio: 99%
  • Max internet speeds: Up to 1 Gbps where available
  • Data caps: no data cap
  • Equipment included: internet modem
  • Contract: none required

Compare San Antonio TV providers in your area

Spectrum provides cable TV service in San Antonio. Looking for alternatives to cable TV? Check out satellite TV from either DISH or DIRECTV. Each San Antonio TV provider offers different TV packages, DVR equipment and special features.

Package options 4 6 3
Channels 155-330+ 190-290+ 125-200+
Local channels Starting at $12/mo.* Included Included
On-demand programming Yes Yes Yes
Unique advantage NFL SUNDAY TICKET exclusive Best DVR device Contract buyout offer
Bundle with AT&T internet Varies Spectrum internet

*Price per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. Last updated on 4/6/18.

You can also add high-speed internet and home phone to any TV package. Shop TV and internet bundles available in your area with Allconnect.

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CPS Energy delivers electricity and natural gas to the San Antonio area. As the nation’s largest municipally owned energy company, CPS Energy provides affordable and reliable natural gas and electricity to San Antonio with a special focus on customer service and environmental sensitivity.

Shop available energy rates in your area with Allconnect.

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Allconnect helps make your big move a little easier by connecting you to the best internet, TV and electricity providers in the San Antonio area. To further help your move and get you better acclimated with San Antonio, we’ve provided some helpful links below.

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Last updated on 4/6/18.

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