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Cable companies are popular choices for TV, but which cable providers are available in your area? Allconnect® makes shopping and comparing cable TV options near you easy. Whether you’re moving or simply looking for a better cable deal, we’ll help you find the best cable TV providers in your area.

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With Allconnect, choosing the best cable service provider doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just consider these important factors as you shop and compare cable TV options: 


Compare monthly costs for each cable TV package. Keep in mind that contract terms and fees for HD service, DVR equipment and installation may add to the overall cost.

Channel lineups

Check to see which TV packages have the channels you enjoy most. Also consider that many cable companies offer “add-on” packages with more sports channels and premium networks.


Bundle options

Most cable TV providers also offer high-speed internet and home phone services. Bundling home services could help consolidate your monthly bill and save you time and money when shopping. 

Who provides cable service in my area?

Depending on your address, you could be eligible for service from cable companies like Cox, Spectrum, XFINITY or a number of others. We’ve listed a few of the largest cable TV providers and their main service areas below.

Largest cable TV providers

  Cox tv mediacom tv optimum tv spectrum tv xfinity tv
 States served 19 21 4 41 39
 Main service areas Southwest, Central U.S. and Northeast Midwest, Central U.S., Mid-Atlantic Northeast and NYC Southern U.S., Midwest and West Coast Northwest, Great Lakes area and Eastern U.S.
Channels  75-250+ 100-230+ 220-420+ 125-200+ 10-260+
 Starting price $59.99/mo.* $49.98/mo.* $59.95/mo.* $64.99/mo.* $31.95/mo.*

Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 05/29/18.

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Is cable or satellite TV better?

Consider cable and satellite TV service when choosing a TV provider. Both service types offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from cable and satellite TV service to help you decide.

Cable TV service

  • Plans are often more cost-effective than alternative services like satellite or DSL
  • Widespread availability, especially in heavily populated areas
  • Bundle options with internet and phone are often available for extra savings
  • Mild to moderate likelihood of severe weather-related disturbances
  • Contracts may be required

Satellite TV service

  • Availability in rural areas where other services are unavailable
  • Wide variety of add-ons and additional channel options available
  • Contracts are usually required for service
  • High likelihood of weather-related disturbances
  • Plans can be more expensive than DSL and cable internet options

For more information, call our internet and TV experts at Allconnect today.

Frequently asked cable TV questions

The cost for cable TV service varies by provider, and providers vary by location. Each cable provider offers different channel packages and charges (or doesn’t charge) specific fees for DVR service, multiple TVs, HD picture, etc. The best way to find out how much cable in your area costs is to call our experts at Allconnect today.

There are many reasons, but the main reason is to help keep costs low. With material and labor costs to install and service cables, network licensing fees and many other costs, it can be expensive for cable companies to provide service. By focusing their efforts in specific areas, they help keep their operating expenses lower, which helps keeps prices lower for you, the consumer.

DVR receivers and the number of shows you can record at once varies by cable provider. Some DVR systems let you record 2 shows at once while others can record 6 or more. Additionally, some receivers have more storage space than others.

Streaming, or “over-the-top” services can save you some money if you subscribe to only one or two. However, the cost of over-the-top services can quickly add up. You might need to subscribe to multiple streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO Go, etc - to get the entertainment you would get with a similarly-priced cable package.

Give our TV experts at Allconnect a call today to find out what providers and plans are available in your area. We’ll give you the latest pricing and offers, so you can get the the cable service you deserve.

Most cable TV providers, including Spectrum and Cox do not offer wireless cable boxes. You can ask your professional installer to run the coaxial cables in a way that hides them, such as behind furniture or in the walls. If you prefer wireless receivers, consider satellite TV from DISH or DIRECTV. Both providers offer wireless receivers.

Last updated on 05/29/18.

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