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Comparing TV providers and plans is easy with Allconnect®. We partner with trusted TV providers like XFINITY, Cox, Spectrum and AT&T so you can find the TV plan you want.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest cable company, or a robust package with live sports and premium channels, rely on Allconnect to find the right cable provider and plan for your ZIP code.

Best cable service and TV providers for 2018

Many factors go into what makes cable service and TV providers the best. Here are some of the top cable and TV providers across the natioas ranked by

As ranked by as of 8/24/18.

The “best” cable service and TV providers for you will vary based on what you’re looking for and what’s available in your area. Maybe it’s the cheapest cable company, or the one with the most channels and best DVR. Whatever you want in a cable service provider, rely on Allconnect to find the best TV provider in your area. is owned and operated by an affiliate of Allconnect, Inc. However, Allconnect, Inc. is not involved in or responsible for the production of content, including the rankings cited on this page.

What to look for in TV & cable providers near you

Cable TV packages vary widely from simple broadcast TV channels to top-of-the-line entertainment packages with HD TV, premium networks and sports channels. Our cable service providers offer a wide selection of basic cable and full-fledged digital TV packages, so you can choose the channel lineup you want.

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best TV providers at your ZIP code. Pricing  such as cheap cable or bundle savings  is a big one, but you’ll also want to think about availability, channel packages and technology each cable service provider offers.


Start with what’s available in your area. Cable service providers are available in most areas, but the providers can vary by location. Satellite TV is available throughout the US, while fiber-optic TV is still limited to certain areas.


Compare available channel packages. Look for TV packages with the channels you want and compare pricing for each. Also, consider add-on packages for more sports and movie channels.


Many TV providers have technology such as DVR, On Demand TV, HD picture and more. If these features are important to you, it’s worth researching what kind of technology each TV provider offers.

Find the cheapest cable company for you

Cable TV doesn't have to be expensive. If you're looking for the cheapest cable company, we’ll help you find some of the cheapest TV providers at your ZIP code. Here’s a list of TV providers that offer relatively cheap cable plans:

Cheap TV services

  • AT&T U-verse - U-basic starting at $19/mo. for 15+ channels*
  • Cox - Contour TV starting at $64.99/mo. for 140+ channels*
  • DIRECTV - SELECT™ Package starting at $35/mo. for 150+ channels*
  • DISH - America’s Top 120 starting at $59.99/mo. for 190+ channels*
  • Mediacom - Local TV + Internet 60 starting at $49.98 for 100+ channels*
  • Optimum - Broadcast Basic starting at $19.99/mo. for 40+ channels*
  • Spectrum - TV Select starting at $64.99/mo. for 125+ channels*
  • XFINITY - Digital Economy starting at $24.99/mo. for 100+ channels*

Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 8/24/18.

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Alternatives to cable service providers

There are a number of alternatives to cable that will deliver much of the same content, possibly for a lower price. See if any of these alternatives to cable service providers may work best for you.

Satellite TV service

If you’re looking for an alternative to cable TV, satellite television service from a provider such as DISH or DIRECTV is a great choice. Satellite television offers similar features like DVR, HD TV programming and thousands of On-Demand options for prices that are comparable to cable.

Satellite TV providers transmit the TV signal into your home from orbiting satellites, which means they can offer nationwide coverage and deliver satellite TV to most ZIP codes, including rural areas. Do you live in at a ZIP code that cable companies don’t serve? With satellite TV, your ZIP code is not a problem. In fact, that’s what gives these cable TV alternative providers their edge.

TV via DSL connection

Certain TV alternative products  such as AT&T’s U-verse  let you receive a high-quality TV connection without need of cable. For this cable TV alternative to work, you simply need a DSL modem to translate the signal coming into your home from your service provider, which will then allow you to have TV on any number of devices in your home.

AT&T U-verse TV is available in many areas where AT&T internet is available and offers many of the same TV channels and features you get with cable. For more information about AT&T U-verse, call now.

Fiber-optic TV

Fiber-optic TV offers high-quality TV connections via a wire formed of threaded glass. Advanced fiber-optic networks, like Verizon Fios and Frontier FiOS, deliver a superior signal for digital TV packages and provide channel lineups similar to both cable and satellite. Availability is currently limited for fiber TV technology.

At this time, fiber-optic television is not yet available in all areas. But, as more and more people discover the benefits of Fiber TV, demand for the service will grow, and the service will become more widely available.

Over-the-top or streaming TV services

A cheap cable alternative (though also a less robust one) is to simply purchase a fast internet connection and stream your favorite shows.


DIRECTV NOW is a subscription over-the-top service that lets you watch live TV and On Demand programming. It’s a cost-effective way to “cut the cord” and still get many of the channels you get with cable. DVR service is now available and offers up to 20 hours of cloud storage for shows.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu feature movies, hit series and original shows. For the most part, these services feature On Demand streaming, which make them a great supplement to cable TV, but not the best substitute for live programming.

Roku and other devices

There are many devices, such as the Roku, that let you stream TV from a variety of sources. Like Netflix and Hulu streaming options, however, available content is limited. Such devices are ideal for viewers who just watch a few TV series and On Demand movies.

Common TV & cable provider questions

Cable service providers use a coaxial cable connection and a cable box, while satellite TV providers use a satellite dish to send the TV signal. With a satellite dish installed, satellite TV is available to most homes nationwide. Cable, on the other hand, is only available to homes connected to a cable network and may not be available in rural areas.

Availability for cable service providers and TV providers vary nationwide. To find out which TV providers are available in your area, use Allconnect to search for TV options, compare plans and order a TV provider that’s right for you. Call to hear about available cable service providers and TV providers and plans in your area.

Also known as high definition television, HDTV is a digital television display that provides high quality picture and sound. Standard definition television is usually broadcast in 480p, which is only half the video quality of HDTV. Most HDTV programming is broadcast between 720p and 1080i. The biggest difference between standard definition and high definition is the “film-like” grainy visual that HDTV erases. HDTV provides a clearer picture, smoother edges and brighter colors.

Most providers offer discounts to customers who bundle TV and internet services together. Because of increased competition between TV and internet companies, service providers often give a discount for setting up all of your services through them rather than getting internet from one provider and TV from another. Use Allconnect to search for service bundle deals in your area.

Shop for the cheapest cable company for your ZIP code with Allconnect. Along with connecting you with cheap cable pricing, we’ll inform you of equipment fees, service charges, contract obligations and more that could have an impact on your monthly TV bill.

Last updated on 8/24/18.

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