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5 ways to catch college football this season

David Anders

Aug 19, 2019 — 4 min read

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The 2019 FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) season kicks off August 24 and runs through the end of the year. Like every college football season, this one is sure to come with intense rival matchups, big upsets and the occasional barn burner. In other words, there will be plenty of games you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a casual fan who loosely follows your alma mater or a die-hard NCAA football fanatic, you have a few options for viewing the 2019 FBS season. Here are five ways you can watch college football in 2019.

Traditional TV plans

National and regional sports networks are your best bet for watching live college football, and a traditional TV subscription is likely to give you the best access to those channels.

Most major TV services offer the big sports channels such as ESPN, FOX Sports 1 and CBS Sports Network (CBSSN), but some of the regional and conference-specific networks may not be available with all TV providers and packages. Check with your TV provider to see if regional sports networks and college sports networks, such as SEC Network and ACC Network, are available or included with your package.

What channels are college football games on?

There are dozens of FBS games on any given Saturday during the season, so there are quite a few channels slated to air the games. Here are the channels currently scheduled to broadcast college football in 2019:

  • ABC
  • ACC Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • FOX
  • FOX Sports 1
  • Longhorn Network
  • NBC
  • NFL Network
  • Pac-12 Network
  • SEC Network

FOX regional sports networks are likely to broadcast a number of college football games this season. Available matchups may vary by location. To see the full 2019 FBS schedule, including game times and channels, go to NCAA.com.

Live TV streaming services

Considering cutting the cord? Many of the sports networks once reserved for cable are now available from streaming services, if you choose the right ones. Here’s a look at which live TV streaming services offer channels you can watch college football on.

Most of these streaming services also offer your local networks that broadcast college football, such as ABC, FOX and NBC, in select markets.

ESPN+, a streaming service from ESPN, is also scheduled to air many live college football games throughout the season. The service costs about $4.99/mo. by itself, but you can bundle it with Disney+ and Hulu for $12.99/mo. for a limited time.

Can’t decide which streaming service is best for you? Here’s everything you need to know about Sling TV.

Online streaming

Many college football games are available to stream online since most sports networks that broadcast college football games also make live content available to stream from their website.

ABC, CBSSN, ESPN, Fox, NBC and regional sports networks all offer live content streaming from their sites. Select conference-specific networks, such as SEC Network and Big Ten Network, also let you stream live content from their websites. When streaming from these sites, you will likely be required to log in with TV provider credentials.

ESPN3, a streaming-only “channel” from ESPN, is scheduled to broadcast dozens of games this 2019 FBS season. To watch college football games on ESPN3, go to ESPN.com/watch and select the matchup you want to view from the “Live” section. You’ll need a TV subscription that includes ESPN to watch live content on ESPN3.

Mobile apps

Are Saturday errands keeping you away from the TV? Mobile apps could help keep you connected to the action. Nearly all major TV providers offer an app that lets you stream live TV on your mobile device.

If you can’t get the game on your TV provider app, mobile apps from the sports networks airing the games may be available. ESPN, Fox Sports, CBSSN and major networks including ABC, Fox and NBC offer mobile apps for watching live TV.

Additionally, the official NCAA app features live streaming of select games, and many FBS teams have their own official app.

If you do decide to watch college football online or on your smartphone or tablet, keep in mind that streaming can use up a lot of data. Check out our guide to streaming TV with a data cap.

Digital antenna and over-the-air content

ABC, FOX and NBC are scheduled to broadcast select college football games throughout the season. These channels will also likely be your go-to for major bowl games and the FBS playoffs. Luckily, you don’t need a TV subscription, streaming service or even an internet connection to tune in.

With a digital antenna, you can pick up over-the-air content from your local TV stations. It won’t get you nearly as many games as you’d get with a TV subscription that includes ESPN and other sports networks, but it will likely get you a couple of Saturday matchups. Plus, the major national networks like ABC, FOX and NBC are likely to broadcast teams from your region or games featuring highly-ranked teams.

Get the services you need to watch college football in 2019

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