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Everything you need to know about Sling in 4K


Sep 14, 2020 — 4 min read

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Boasting of much lower rates than leading competitors, Sling TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming services in the market. It has a decent selection of channels spanning across categories – from lifestyle and entertainment to news and sports. Though it may be lacking a few major channels such as ABC and CBS, its offerings still make sense considering the low price tag. Learn more about Sling TV with our review.

Another area where you’ll find Sling TV lacking is in terms of 4K programming, as it currently doesn’t offer any content in 4K. With 4K, you typically get a resolution of 3,840 X 2,160, which offers even better clarity than 1080p. So if you want to enjoy the crisp and clear images that 4K offers, you might want to look for options other than Sling TV or find a workaround.

Sling TV 4K pricing

Sling has a pretty straightforward pricing structure, with two base plans – Sling Orange and Sling Blue – that cost $30/mo. each. These two plans also have a varying channel lineup, although you can still find several overlaps. Additionally, Sling Orange only allows up to one simultaneous stream while Sling Blue supports up to three.

Alternatively, you can also choose to combine these two plans for $45/mo. The Sling Orange + Blue plan gives you the entire channel list from both packages. It also combines the simultaneous streaming limit, giving you a total of four.

User experience and navigation

Sling TV maintains a basic layout with minimal colors, making it feel like you’re reading a text document rather than navigating a streaming service. Though this isn’t a complete deal-breaker, it’s not the most impressive either, especially considering the dynamic feel of other services like Netflix and YouTube TV.

And as discussed in our previous Sling TV review, the service tends to add some unnecessary steps that make the navigation fall short of seamless. For instance, it won’t immediately start playing the program when you select it. Instead, it opens up a description page, from where you need to select another button to start watching.

Since there aren’t any Sling TV 4K options, the service doesn’t have any tabs to filter 4K content either.


Although Sling doesn’t have any 4K content, you can still find plenty of great programming on the service. Using the main menu option at the top, Sling lets you navigate between your favorite channels, what’s on now and the TV guide. It also has dedicated tabs for sports and shows, so you can easily find what to watch.

The TV guide lets you view currently streaming and upcoming programs on each channel. And you’ll have the option to filter the guide to see just the results for entertainment, kids, lifestyle, movies, news and sports. It even lets you filter the programming to see just the ones from premium channels.

When you select a channel, it’ll display the live programming schedule specific to that network. And although you won’t find any Sling 4K options, you can enjoy some on-demand programming instead. Sling sorts available on-demand titles for each channel in a dedicated section under the “Schedule” ribbon.

Sling TV 4K channels

Although you won’t get any Sling TV 4K channels, you can still enjoy some great programming through major channels:

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • Bravo
  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • FOX Sports 1
  • HGTV
  • TBS
  • TNT

Sling TV 4K movies

Sling TV doesn’t offer any 4K movies, but there are still some great titles (both new and classic) that you can enjoy through its channels:

  • 21 Years: Richard Linklater (2014)
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
  • Fantasy Island (2020)
  • Fences (2016)
  • Goodfellas (1990)
  • Jerry Maguire (1996)
  • Pulp Fiction (1994)

Sling TV 4K other features

Although the service doesn’t offer 4K content, there may be a workaround if you still want to know how to watch Sling TV in 4K. The closest you can get is if you watch Sling using the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which comes with an AI upscaling feature. This uses AI to transform High-Definition (HD) videos to 4K and provide crisper and clearer images in real-time.

Although Sling doesn’t specify the maximum resolution it supports, most of its content streams in 720p. And the NVIDIA SHIELD TV has the capabilities to take that resolution and upscale it to 4K and up to 30 fps (frames per second).

Sling TV 4K FAQs

What resolution is Sling TV?

Sling TV doesn’t specify its streaming resolutions, but offers most of its content in 720p.

Does Sling TV have high definition?

Most of the Sling TV content is HD-ready i.e., 720p. It doesn’t specify whether it supports full-HD (1080p) streaming.

What do Sling TV reviews say?

The price point and the customization options are the biggest highlights in most Sling TV reviews, although the streaming quality and the channel lineup aren’t the most impressive.

Is there a Sling TV free trial?

Sling TV typically doesn’t offer a free trial and instead gives a $10 discount off your first month. But it occasionally runs limited period offers where you can try the service for free. At the time of writing this post, you can try Sling TV for free for three days.

The bottom line

The Sling 4K offering is nonexistent, but the service still has plenty of great programming through major channels. And with plans starting from just $30/mo., Sling TV might still make sense if you just want a low-cost alternative to cable. If you like the service but want to access its content in better quality, you can also try the AI upscaling feature from NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

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