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Everything you need to know about the Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ bundle


Sep 3, 2020 — 5 min read

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Choosing a streaming service often means compromising. But Disney is working to solve that problem by turning three of the streaming services it owns into an affordable bundle. In just one click, you can subscribe to Disney Plus, ESPN+ and Hulu, and access thousands of family-friendly movies, endless sports coverage and exclusive originals. 

The Hulu bundle is clearly popular if subscription figures are anything to go by. Only launching in November 2019, Disney Plus has already gained almost 30 million subscribers. At the end of 2019, ESPN+ had 6.6 million users — a huge increase from 1.4 million in 2018. And Hulu went from 22.8 million subscribers in December 2018 to 30 million a year later. Both can thank the bundle for their rapid rise. 

Intrigued by what Disney Plus, ESPN+ and Hulu have to offer? Read on for the lowdown on this impressive streaming deal. For more information about these three popular services, check out our Disney Plus, ESPN+ and Hulu reviews. 

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Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ bundle review summary

  • Bundle costs $12.99/mo.
  • More than 3,500 shows and movies to watch
  • Primarily on-demand content, though live TV channels can be added 

The Disney Plus, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle has a lot to offer. There are thousands of shows and movies to keep you entertained for hours on end. Head to Disney Plus for old and new titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. ESPN+ has you covered when it comes to sports, while Hulu has everything from recently aired shows to award-winning originals.

The only downside is you have to access each service through individual apps, and you don’t have much in the way of live TV. But you can personalize each account with user profiles and can add on over 65 live TV channels via Hulu + Live TV.

Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ bundle pricing

There are three main price points for the Disney, Hulu and ESPN bundle. The one you’ve probably heard of is the standard $12.99/mo. option. This gives you full access to Disney Plus and ESPN+ content along with Hulu’s entire on-demand catalog and saves you around $5/mo. But you’ll have to sit through ads when watching Hulu titles. ESPN+ also features ads during some broadcasts, but Disney Plus is entirely ad-free.

If you can’t stand commercials, you have a get-out clause. Upgrade to Hulu’s No Ads subscription and bundle that with Disney+ and ESPN+ for $18.99/mo. The No Ads plan also allows you to download Hulu content for offline viewing. (Both Disney Plus and ESPN+ support offline viewing, no matter which bundle you choose.) 

Finally, you can go all the way to the top with Hulu’s Live TV package. Together with Disney Plus and ESPN+, it’ll cost you $61.99/mo. What do you get for that much bigger fee? Well, you’ll get the same on-demand content as the other plans, but will also get live TV from more than 65 networks.



The only live TV content offered in the standard bundle is via ESPN+. The service acts as a companion to the main ESPN network, broadcasting live soccer, boxing, tennis and more. College sports are included, too, along with certain MLB and NHL games. If you upgrade to Hulu’s live TV package, you’ll also receive 65+ live TV channels. The list includes ABC, FOX and NBC along with 20 sports networks.


Head to Disney+ for tons of kid-friendly titles. There, you’ll find fairy tales like Cinderella and Frozen alongside hits from the Marvel and Star Wars worlds. Hulu also has a must-watch movie selection, with titles ranging from recent releases like Rocketman to animated choices like How to Train Your Dragon.

Other features

Disney Plus and Hulu both boast tons of original content, whether it’s the first live-action Star Wars series or an award-winning novel-turned-drama. On Hulu, you’ll also find a huge TV show library that includes episodes the day after they air. ESPN+ has plenty of series too, including the famous 30 for 30 documentary collection.

User experience


Unfortunately, you can’t watch all three services via one site or app. But there’s an upside to creating separate accounts for each platform: user profiles. Set up individual profiles for each household member, so they can create personalized watchlists and save where they left off. Disney Plus allows seven profiles while Hulu permits six. And both support kids’ profiles — ESPN+ is the only service that doesn’t offer this feature. However, ESPN+ does let three devices stream content from one account at the same time. Hulu allows two simultaneous streams and Disney supports four.


All of the services included in the bundle can be accessed via a wide range of devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Android TV 
  • Apple TV
  • iOS phones and tablets
  • PlayStation 4
  • Roku
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Web browsers
  • Xbox One

Hulu is also compatible with smart TV brands like LG, Chromecast and Nintendo Switch. Disney Plus can be watched on a number of smart TVs too.

Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ Bundle FAQs

How do I get the Disney ESPN bundle on Hulu?

Sign up for the bundle via Hulu if you’re 18 or older. Enter your email, password and payment info and select Activate Disney+ and ESPN. If you’re already a Hulu member, log into your account via Hulu’s site. Under Your Subscription, click Manage Plan and add the Disney+ bundle. 

What Hulu package comes with Disney Plus?

Hulu’s on-demand, ad-supported plan comes with the standard Disney+ bundle. You can get rid of commercials on Hulu by signing up for the No Ads plan via Hulu’s site. Click the Let’s Bundle option that appears during the sign-up process to activate your ad-free $18.99/mo. bundle. If you’ve already signed up for the bundle, you’ll have to cancel your subscription to upgrade to No Ads.

Can you bundle Hulu Live with Disney Plus?

Yes, you can. Make sure you sign up via Hulu and select the Live TV package along with the Let’s Bundle option. The trio will cost $61.99/mo. You can also combine Live TV and No Ads for $67.99/mo. Again, do this via the same sign-up process.

How do I watch ESPN on the Disney Plus bundle?

Sign up for the bundle on the Hulu, Disney Plus or ESPN Plus site. Then log into the ESPN+ site or app using your sign-up credentials. 

How do I cancel Hulu and ESPN on Disney Plus?

Log into the Disney+ site, click Billing Details under your Account then hit Cancel Subscription. You can cancel at any time and will be able to access all three services until your billing period ends.

The bottom line

You may not save an immense amount of money with the Disney Plus, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle, but it’s worth investing in if you want an easy way to please the entire family. After all, where else can you mix family movies with live sports and thrilling originals?

By Lauren Sharkey

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