Everything you need to know about fuboTV in 4K


Sep 11, 2020 — 4 min read

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fuboTV is a live and on-demand streaming service that was created with cord-cutters in mind. With 100+ channels covering sports, news, entertainment and more, fuboTV offers everything all in one. It’s one of the few streaming services that let you watch a wide variety of live sports from your favorite national, local and international teams. And now, you can watch fubo TV in 4K.

fuboTV has a 4K feed full of content. When you choose a 4K title, this means you’re streaming in ultra-high-definition (UHD) quality, which is the best you can get. UHD uses 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which means pictures fit the larger screen without appearing stretched or fuzzy. It also means the quality of the picture is even better, with sharper, more defined detail, brightness and colors. Not everything on fuboTV is available in 4K, though. Find out what 4K fuboTV content is out there, what it’ll cost you and any requirements you need to meet.

fuboTV 4K pricing

fuboTV has various different plans to choose from. While the resolution quality, hours of cloud DVR storage and number of simultaneous streams are the same, each plan differs with its channel lineup. As expected, the fuboTV Ultra plan has the most channels, with 196 channels in total, including even more sports.

User experience and navigation

fuboTV offers a clean, quick and organized interface, separated into five categories to help you narrow down your search. The live channel programming shows you what’s upcoming for the next five days, so you can hit record and add it to your cloud DVR library. Once you’ve found your chosen title or program, just press the button on your remote and it launches into the big screen without delay.

To access fuboTV’s 4K content, you need to pay attention to the 4K ON DEMAND carousel on the homepage when you log in. This shows everything on-demand available in UHD. You can also find live 4K streaming through the Guide section — look for channels that show the 4K symbol while you’re scrolling through. It’s the same with the Sports section, too.


Content is separated into Sports, Shows, Movies, Guide and Recordings. Clicking on the Guide takes you to all the live channels, including sports. 

The Shows and Movies sections are neatly sectioned into popular, currently broadcasting titles and genres to make content easy to find. Even your recordings are sectioned into different categories, including sports and shows, so nothing gets lost. To learn more about what content and channels fuboTV offers, read our fuboTV review.

fuboTV 4K channels

  • Big Ten Network
  • FOX
  • FS1

fuboTV 4K movies

Currently, there aren’t any movies on fuboTV in 4K. There’s some on-demand content that you can find in the carousel on the homepage, but that doesn’t include any movies. Some shows like Seven Worlds, One Planet are broadcast in HD — fuboTV lets you watch it in 4K on-demand the next day. If you’re after 4K movies, you could try a streaming service like Hulu instead.

fuboTV 4K other features

If you’re a sports lover, 4K on fuboTV might just be what you’re after. It’s currently one of the only streaming services with live sports channels in 4K, which means you can watch Thursday Night Football, the Women’s World Cup and even the Super Bowl in UHD. You can use the events schedule finder to see if upcoming events will be broadcast in 4K. 

Since your fuboTV subscription comes with three simultaneous streams, you and two other members of your household can stream in 4K at the same time, too. You can’t use your cloud DVR storage to record anything in 4K, though.

To get fuboTV in 4K, you need to make sure you have a compatible device first. Even if the channels are in 4K, if you don’t have the right device, it won’t work. Compatible devices include the Apple TV 4K, Android TV, Chromecast Ultra, FireTV 4K and Roku devices. Don’t forget you also need a high-speed internet connection of 25 Mbps or higher to stream fuboTV’s 4K content.

fuboTV FAQs

Does fuboTV have 4K?

fuboTV is an on-demand and live channel streaming service with some content available in 4K. This includes a select few live sporting channels, such as FOX and FS1, and some on-demand content. You can check the schedule to see which events will be broadcast in 4K.

What resolution is fuboTV?

If you’re not watching an on-demand show or live sports programming in 4K UHD, fuboTV’s content is limited to high definition (HD) only. Remember, even if the channel says it’s streaming in 4K, if your internet connection isn’t fast enough or you don’t have a compatible device, then the stream will be in HD anyway.

Is fubo TV 4K an option for the Super Bowl?

fuboTV is an option for Super Bowl matchups if they’re broadcast on FOX. Unfortunately, the 2021 Super Bowl will be shown on CBS, which is not available in 4K on fuboTV.

Does fubo still have a 4K Premier League?

fuboTV has broadcast the Premier League in 4K in the past. Right now, there are no Premier League events scheduled in 4K, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future. Keep an eye on the events schedule for updates.

The bottom line

Is 4K on fubo worth it? That all depends on what you’re after. fuboTV is one of the best choices for live sports programming full stop, and it lets you stream some live sports in 4K. But if you’re after movies and TV shows, you’re pretty limited. And of course, you need a high-speed internet connection plus a compatible device to enjoy any UHD content. If you’re not a sporting fan, you could get more 4K movies and shows elsewhere.

By Elly Hancock

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