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CBS All Access: How much is CBS All Access?


Sep 25, 2020 — 4 min read

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Wondering whether you should make the switch to CBS All Access? Before you do, you’ll need to know how much CBS All Access costs to decide whether it’s worth your investment. CBS All Access costs vary depending on which plan you choose, so it’s important to make sure you’re clued in before you commit. Find everything you need to know about CBS All Access’ prices and exactly what’s on offer, and check out our review for more information on the streaming service.

How much does CBS All Access cost?

So, how much is CBS All Access? CBS All Access has two subscriptions available — either with or without commercials. As you’d expect, the no-ads plan comes with a higher monthly fee.

CBS All Access packages and prices

CBS All Access Limited Commercials

Price: $5.99/mo.

Features: The CBS All Access Limited Commercials plan comes with many exciting features, including two simultaneous streams and access to a huge library of content. You can stream everything from exclusive CBS shows such as The Good Fight and The Twilight Zone to live sports, including NFL and NCAA basketball action. 

Your CBS All Access Limited Commercials subscription also includes a seven-day free trial, so you can test it out at no cost. 

Channels: CBS All Access offers just four channels from which you can stream live sports and news. 

  • CBS
  • CBSN
  • CBS Sports HQ 
  • ET Live

You can’t add any other channels to your subscription, but you do still have access to the huge library of on-demand past and present CBS shows and movies.

CBS All Access Commercial Free

Price: $9.99/mo.

Features: The CBS All Access Commercial Free plan comes with the same features as the Limited Commercials subscription, with two key differences — offline downloads and no ads. The extra $4/mo. saves you from having to sit through annoying commercials, apart from when you’re watching some live TV channels.

You’re able to download up to 25 episodes or movies with the offline viewing feature. These downloads are held for 30 days before they’re automatically deleted. Interestingly, you can’t download just anything — there are select movies and TV shows that are available for offline viewing, so be sure to look out for the download button before you skip a movie and miss out!

Aside from these two key features, the Commercial Free plan is exactly the same as the cheaper Limited Commercials package. You still have two simultaneous streams and access to the same library of content. You also still have a one-week free trial.

Channels: Your CBS All Access Commercial Free subscription has the same four live channels available — these are:

  • CBS
  • CBSN
  • CBS Sports HQ 
  • ET Live

How much are CBS All Access add-ons?

CBS All Access doesn’t offer any add-ons, so you can’t upgrade your subscription to include more simultaneous streams or cloud DVR storage for offline downloads. You can’t upgrade your account to include more live TV channels either — you only have the four on offer.

Cost of premium CBS All Access channels

CBS All Access doesn’t offer any premium channels. But you can bundle your CBS All Access subscription with other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video ($8.99/mo.) to get a bigger content library. 

Are there CBS All Access discounts and promotions?

CBS All Access has regular promotions, which sometimes include an extended free trial, but these are usually only for a limited period of time. However, it has two deals that are available all year round that can help you save on your subscription. How much does CBS All Access cost with these discounts? Here are your options.

  • 25% off for students: You can save 25% on the Limited Commercials plan, so it costs you $4.50/mo. You must have an .edu account to get this deal.
  • 15% off by paying upfront: If you pay annually rather than monthly, you can save 15% on both plans. It’ll cost you $59.99/yr. for the Limited Commercials plan and $99.99/yr. for a Commercial Free subscription.

How do CBS All Access prices compare to competitors?

CBS All Access comes in at a much cheaper price point than many of its other competitors, especially HBO, Showtime and Sling TV. However, Hulu’s cheapest plan costs the same as CBS All Access, yet offers even more deals. Hulu also offers a bigger live TV channel line up with the option to add more channels, which you don’t get with CBS All Access. There’s also the ESPN+, Disney Plus and Hulu bundle, which costs $12.99/mo. for all three — a savings of 25%. Compared to CBS All Access, that means you pay an extra $7/mo. for access to three streaming services at once, which is a great way to save money.

The bottom line

CBS All Access offers a solid mix of live TV, sports and on-demand content. With over 15,000 episodes to choose from, two simultaneous streams and an ad-free plan on offer, there’s a lot to enjoy for a relatively low cost each month. However, you may be able to get more for your money elsewhere, especially if you’d like to customize your streaming plans or need a more diverse live TV line up. That said, a one-week free trial gives you time to test out CBS All Access for free and see if it’s for you. Why not?

By Elly Hancock

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