AMC Premiere review


Oct 29, 2020 — 6 min read

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AMC Premiere review summary 

  • AMC Premiere recently has been redubbed AMC+ and includes curated shows from BBC America, IFC, Sundance Now and Sundance TV
  • The only way to get AMC+ is with a TV provider that carries AMC 
  • AMC Premiere costs $4.99/mo. or $29.49 for the entire year
  • Must be accessed through the AMC app or
  • AMC Premiere doesn’t carry additional channels or add-ons 
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You can’t get it the same way as you would with Hulu or Disney+, so exactly what is AMC Premiere? AMC Premiere is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service that operates as an extension of AMC Networks. Recently, AMC advertised how AMC Premiere was renamed AMC+. But by the looks of its website, it still uses both interchangeably. Regardless of its name, the service includes programming from other AMC Networks like BBC America, IFC and Sundance TV. 

What sets AMC Premiere apart from streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ is how it’s not a standalone service. Think of it more like an upgrade to the AMC channel. You’ll get some content early and most free of ads. But you’ll need a TV provider that includes AMC in order to use AMC Premiere. If you’re in the market for a new TV provider, we recommend fuboTV for its impressive list of sports channels and Sling TV for its a la carte approach to TV. 

Don’t expect a separate interface from your current AMC app. Like ESPN+, AMC Premiere works within the regular AMC app. Or, you can access it directly online at from your web browser. Separately, AMC Theatres released a new app that brings newly released movies to you without leaving for the theater. Read our thoughts about AMC Theatres On Demand to see if it’s worth it. Or, to learn everything there is to know about AMC Premiere, keep reading. 

AMC Premiere channels 

AMC Premiere doesn’t carry live TV channels but rather works on an on-demand basis similar to Netflix. However, as noted above, you’ll get AMC sister networks, so there’s some diversity of content. 

What channels are missing from AMC Premiere? 

Surprisingly, AMC Premiere includes a variety of content that goes beyond just entertainment. However, when it comes to national networks, here’s what you won’t find. 

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CNN
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN
  • FOX
  • FOX News
  • NBC
  • TNT
  • VH1

With BBC America, there’s a valid news source, and the new AMC+ page is advertising sports, which would set it more in line with CBS All Access. However, when it comes to original content exclusive to its service, it’s a big goose egg. In a market where streaming apps differentiate themselves from one another by exclusive content, AMC Premiere as a standalone service has nothing to offer. Even ESPN+, which also works as an extension of its parent network, has a few shows exclusive to its app.

Even though AMC Premiere can stand to expand in original content, it does carry tons of shows from other AMC owned apps that make up for its lack of exclusives. This means you’ll be able to tune into BBC’s Dr. Who, IFC’s Documentary Now! and Shudder’s Creepshow

AMC Premiere add-ons 

Since AMC Premiere is itself an add-on, it doesn’t have additional add-ons, like upgradeable features or premium channels. But for $4.99/mo., you’ll receive a variety of distinctive content from the BBC, IFC, Sundance TV and Sundance Now. So, depending on how you look at it, there are a few channel add-ons already included with your subscription. 

You’ll also have tons of behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage, series extras and uncut movies, all at your fingertips. 

AMC Premiere vs. other streaming services 

There are more than a few similar streaming services provided by national networks. Similar to AMC, CBS All Access, ESPN+ and HBO Max focus on inhouse programming while also presenting on-demand libraries of licensed movies. But, while these services allow for a certain number of simultaneous viewing, AMC Premiere depends on your TV provider. 

AMC Premiere user experience 

Your AMC Premiere experience is relegated to the AMC app. So, when you log into your AMC app or AMC’s website, you’ll be able to stream videos. Although, there are certain videos and abilities that are only available to AMC Premiere subscribers. This means you’ll be able to unlock certain episodes earlier and watch free of commercial breaks. 

Video quality 

AMC Premiere doesn’t really laud its video quality capabilities. This is usually a sign that the video quality fluctuates, which could also hinge on your internet speeds. The AMC Premiere app seems to stream between 720p Standard High Definition (HD) and 1080p Full HD. However, there have been some subscribers who’ve mentioned that AMC Premiere at times has even dipped below 720p. 

AMC Premiere app 

Once you sign up for AMC Premiere, you’ll be able to experience the AMC app to its fullest capacity. This means you gain premium features like offline downloads. This is pretty good given how a number of other streaming services still lag behind in this area. 

Per AMC Premiere’s website, you can download episodes that are viewable from your watch list, and “they will be available for 14 days or less if the episode is removed from AMC Premiere.” It seems that there is no clear distinction to whether you receive the full 14 days or not, but rather your time limit hinges on the specific requirements of each show or episode. 

Your AMC premium subscription will also grant you early access, like premieres of The Walking Dead. Most of its content is ad-free, and for whatever reason, there are ads, the video will make that fact known, so there are no surprises. 

How much is AMC Premiere? 

AMC Premiere costs $4.99/mo. but offers even more savings if you buy annually, amounting to just $29.49/yr. There’s a seven-day trial period, which will give you a chance to see if it’s right for you. 

AMC Premiere FAQs 

How do I get AMC Premiere? 

The only way to get AMC Premiere is as an add-on to an existing TV provider. This means whether you use a traditional means of television like cable or an alternative service like Sling TV, you’ll most likely have access. AMC will just need to be included in your current package. The best way to find out if AMC Premiere is available for you is to reach out to your TV provider. 

Is AMC Premiere any good? 

AMC Premiere works as an upgrade to your AMC app. If you’re a fan of AMC’s programming like Better Call Saul, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, then you’ll probably like AMC Premiere. You’ll get on-demand, ad-free access to your favorite shows along with BTS footage and uncut movies. 

Is there an AMC Premiere free trial? 

Yes, when you subscribe to AMC Premiere, you’ll get your first week free. If it’s not for you, make sure to cancel your subscription before the seven days are up to avoid being charged. 

Do you have to pay for AMC Premiere? 

AMC’s prices vary depending on whether you pay by month or year. AMC Premiere upgrades your access to the AMC app, costing $4.99/mo. The yearly cost of AMC Premiere typically amounts to $59.99. But there’s an ongoing promotion where you can get 12 months of AMC Premiere for just $29.49. 

Is AMC Premiere on Amazon Prime? 

You can get AMC Premiere on Amazon Prime as long as you have a cable or cable-alternative service, as noted above. Just download the AMC app first and enter your TV provider information. Then, purchase the AMC Premiere add-on to start streaming Premiere content. In the same fashion, you can stream AMC Premiere via Apple TV, Roku and Xbox One. 

Can you get AMC Premiere without cable? 

Technically, yes. Although, you’ll still need a cable-like provider. This comes in the form of cable-alternative services because you’ll need a link to the AMC Network. If you’re someone thinking about cutting the cord, we recommend trying alternative subscription services like fuboTV and Philo. Most come with 30-day free trial periods to give you a chance to see if you like them. 

By Zack Kulm

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