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Satellite Internet

What is satellite internet?

For too many years now, folks who lived in more rural areas of the country assumed that they couldn't get high-speed internet in their homes. They thought that since they lived too far from the grid, no Internet providers would offer any service in their areas. But with modern Satellite Internet technology, that’s not the case anymore.

Satellite Internet service works very similarly to how satellite TV systems work. Providers beam a stream of data into your home all the way from satellites hovering above the Earth out in space. Satellite Internet, however, is a two-way signal, as the Internet requires information to be transmitted in both directions – downloaded from and uploaded to the web. And since that signal has much farther to travel than other, earthbound internet connections, there is often a delay, even if it’s only an average of 600ms slower than land connections. But the signal is a reliable, “always on” internet connection that doesn't tie up your phone line, so you’re able to talk and surf at the same time.

Even if your house is located in a secluded area, this satellite technology allows you the possibility of still having home internet service. There are no wires to run to your house, so Satellite Internet can often broadcast to rural areas far from cable's reach. Just make sure to have the satellite technician come out to install the dish properly and orient it to have a clear line of sight to the satellite’s access point. Otherwise, trees and other obstructions could prove problematic and disrupt your signal.

The Main Benefits of Satellite Internet Service

  • Ease: Once a technician comes out to your home to install the receiving dish with the satellite, it’s pretty smooth sailing from then on out.
  • Quality: If installed incorrectly, interference from other electronic devices operating on the same frequency (routers, phones, etc.) can cause connection problems. But if you pay attention and shift these other signals, they’re no longer obstacles.
  • Speed: Satellite Internet is up to 50x faster than a standard dial-up connection. It also offers speeds of up to 50mbps, which is comparable to that of a mid-level Cable Internet connection.
  • Price: While often more expensive than Cable or DSL Internet service, satellite does offer an internet connection that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Even so, the cost to establish that connection just for you is still rather reasonable.
  • Availability: Satellite Internet reaches remote and rural areas far better than DSL or Cable Internet ever could. This makes Internet available to a large portion of the population that couldn’t even dream of accessing it otherwise.

How to Order Satellite Internet Service

Satellite Internet providers, like DISH and HughesNet , broadcast their Satellite Internet signals nationwide. And we've partnered with those companies, and others just like them, to bring Satellite Internet services to all of our customers – no matter where they may live.

So if you’re wondering “Which service providers offer Satellite Internet in my area?,” go ahead and enter your address in the box above. We’ll bring back information that you can use to compare features, plans, and prices side-by-side. And if you find something you like, just add a Satellite Internet service to your cart.

You can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the greatest connection for your cash – as online set up is easy and free to our customers.