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Cable Internet

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What is cable internet?

Far too often, when people say the word “cable,” they’re simply referring to their TV service. But cable companies offer so much more than just cable TV. Cable Internet is the transmission of broadband internet through the integration with your cable television's coaxial cable. So, the very same cable connection that connects your TV also carries your internet service (unlike DSL which is carried through the telephone line). Because the cable used by cable TV provides much greater bandwidth than phone lines, cable internet is much faster than DSL. Most cable providers offer cable and internet packages at a discounted rate. That means you can easily save more money by bundling your TV, phone, and internet services from the same cable provider.

Advantages of Cable Internet

  • Ease: Since Cable Internet uses your Cable Television connection to deliver high-speed internet, no home telephone line is required to get online. Instead, it uses the cable already wired to your home.
  • Quality: Unlike DSL, the performance of the cable connection isn’t based on its distance from the Internet Service Provider’s central location. As long as you’re hooked into the network, you can expect a good connection.
  • Speed: Cable Internet boasts speeds 40x faster than dial-up. For similarly-priced packages, it often has much faster speeds than DSL as well.
  • Price: The price for a Cable Internet connection can be tailored to your service and speed needs, and it remains relatively steady from year to year.
  • Availability: Cable TV service is available and easily connected in most urban and suburban areas.

With all this awesomeness in mind, you’re probably asking yourself, "So, how do I find Cable Internet providers in my area?" And folks, that answer is as easy as a few keystrokes. Just enter your address above and we'll show you all of the Cable Internet options near you.

How to Choose Your Cable Internet Provider

We've partnered with many big cable companies all across the country – such as XfinityBrighthouse Suddenlink , and Time Warner Cable . These partnerships allow us to offer you affordable Cable Internet plans in your area, so ordering your new Cable Internet couldn't be easier, just follow these steps:

1. Enter your address in the box at the top of the page

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 3. With that information, you can then compare the features, prices, and packages they each offer

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The majority of our providers offer packaged cable internet bundles. These make it even easier to connect your whole house through a single cable connection. By bundling any two or more of your services – including home phone, TV, and Cable Internet – you can save wads of cash with a single cable provider.

So check out the special Cable Internet deals in your area by entering your address above. It's fast, easy, and free – so click and start saving today!