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Looking to set up a home security system at your place but don’t know what the best home security providers are? Allconnect is here to help you compare all the home security services available at your address so you can get set up with a security system that meets your home’s security needs and your budget. Just enter your address above or give us a call to get set up with a home security service today!

Why You Need a Home Security Alarm System

According to the latest crime statistics from the FBI, 1 in 6 American homes have been burglarized. In fact, a burglar commits a break-in every 12 seconds in the United States, and those homes without alarm systems are nearly 3 times more likely to become targets. Collectively, these crimes result in an annual cost of over $4.6 billion in property loss and damage. But, there is hope. With a home security system, you can keep your loved ones safe and your home protected.

We all want peace of mind wherever it is that we choose to make our homes. And with all the varieties of home security systems and technologies that exist today, you can actually have it. Some of the security options available to you are:

24/7 Monitoring Service

Provided by ADT, a long-time leader in providing quality and dependable home security systems, you’ll receive:

  • Contact sensors installed on doors and windows
  • Pet-sensitive motion detectors smart enough to reduce false alarms
  • A wireless, digital keypad from which you can alert ADT directly to contact the fire, medical, and police departments for assistance
  • You’ll also have remote web and mobile access, providing you the ability to monitor as well as arm and disarm the system from afar
  • There’s also optional fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring available as well

Multiple Alarms and Alerts

  • A high-decibel, in-home alarm comes standard with installation to alert both folks in your home and your neighbors of a break in.
  • Email and text alerts to inform you of any unexpected entry into your home.
  • If the alarm is not resolved, an ADT agent will call you directly to see if you’re in need of further assistance, and then contact first response agencies as necessary.

Video Surveillance System

  • Wireless security cameras and sensors strategically placed around your home and property will let you spot trouble from miles away.
  • Real-time video brought to you by the secure connection lets you shift between views, watch live or recorded clips, and get alerts for any unusual activity.

Smart Home Automation

  • ADT’s Pulse Voice app uses biometric voice recognition software to let you use unique, spoken commands to initiate a single service or trigger multiple tasks in your home
  • Control everything from your lights, thermostat, various small appliances, and door locks.

And, depending upon how much home security you want or need, you can pick and choose from these security features and options above as you so desire. Simply enter your address in the search box above to see which companies are available in your area to protect your home. From there, you can select which features you like best, compare monthly monitoring rates, and find the best home security monitoring service for your home.



How to Compare Home Security Systems

Whether you’re moving and want to monitor your new home, or you��d like to add a home monitoring system to your current place, we’ve made it easy to order your new home alarm system.

But, before you pick a home security service, it’s a smart idea to consider all the different factors – in addition to the security monitoring – that will affect your choice of provider. Below, we’ve outlined the big ones to keep in mind when making the smart choice to secure your home.

  • Included Features and Devices: Which home security services, from those we’ve listed above, are included in your package?
  • Price: Know what your rate is going to be once the introductory period ends. Also, look at the monthly service fees, consider the upfront installation fees, and see if your provider will waive them or offer rebates.
  • Contract Terms and Lengths: Not only is price important, but be sure to read the fine print on your home security system’s contract lengths as well. Confirm that you are committing to a contract for a specified amount of time and if there will be any early-cancellation fees.
  • Ease and Accessibility: How difficult will it be for you to have the home security system installed? How easy will it be to monitor it with the tools the home security provider is offering? How quick is the security service’s response time? What additional devices will you need to supply (such as an advanced internet modem and router for the wireless cameras) to make the system work smoothly?
  • Add-Ons and Bonuses: Companies often include numerous incentives when bundling together their home security services. So, ask about any deals, discounts, rebates, credits, or cash-back offers the home security provider can provide. You may also be able to receive a discount of up to 20% from your home insurance provider by installing a home security system.

There's nothing like the safety and comfort of knowing that you’ve protected your family and your home. And there’s little better than getting the best deal possible to do that.

So, enter your address above, find the home alarm system you want, and let us know your preferred installation date. We'll take it from there, and you’ll be resting easy in no time at all.

Find Home Security Providers

You wouldn’t trust your home to just anyone, and neither do we. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top security companies in the industry, such as SafeStreets USA – one of ADT’s oldest, largest, and most respected Authorized Dealers – to deliver reliable and affordable home alarm systems.

Benefits of SafeStreets:

  • Covers over 90% of the U.S. population
  • Operates in 44 states and the District of Columbia
  • Has a network of nearly 300 professionally-trained Installation Consultants
  • Offer same-day installation throughout most of their service area, and they almost always arrive within a one-hour installation window.
  • They’ll also train you on how to use your system before they go so you can take advantage of its full suite of features.

So, to start making your street safer – starting with your own home – enter your address in the box at the top of the page to order your home security service today.

Common Home Security Questions

Who are the best home security providers?

According to the following companies were ranked as the best home security providers in 2017.

  • Frontpoint – 1st
  • Link Interactive – 2nd
  • Protect America – 3rd
  • Vivint – 4th
  • SimpliSafe – 5th
  • Scout – 6th
  • Armorax – 7th
  • LiveWatch – 8th
  • Moni – 9th
  • ADT – 10th

What are my home security options?

Not all home security providers are available nationwide, so you'll want to enter your address at the top of the page to find home security services in your area. And if you'd rather install home security devices yourself, check out this article on how to DIY home security.