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At Allconnect, our customers rely on us to save them both time and money by providing reliable information with exceptional customer service. To be sure that we are providing the best help possible, after each customer interaction, we send out surveys to capture customer feedback. These Allconnect reviews are then utilized to improve upon our business in every way. Here's what our customers say about Allconnect.

Real Customer Reviews About Allconnect:

"Ease of setting up my services. I have been in the military for 24 years and moved 8 times. This was by far the easiest of them all." - David W

"After our account was opened, the representative helped me to further find other utilities that I would need to use/hook up. That was extra service I didnt anticipate and very helpful. " - Vicki T

"All in one call. Very convenient. Plus, I received offers that I did not know were available. "  - Jessica M

"Being able to transfer almost everything at one time. And what I couldnt, I received the number so I could transfer or start service. "   - Tina B

"Being able to take care of multiple moving concerns through one company. Balancing work, school, being. Mom and now a homeowner time is limited between tasks."  - Natalie L

"Ease of setup, didnt have to make multiple phone calls."   - Roy E

"Easy transition to moving and taking care of my needs. "   - Kellie S

"Everyone I spoke with was very pleasant and very helpful. It felt like they really cared about helping me with my transition and that was a relief after a stressful week of moving."   - Tanetta C

"Everything was taken care of with just one phone call and he was very helpful."   - Kristina C