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Windstream speed test

How fast is your Windstream internet? Take our speed test to see your download and upload speeds.

Test your Windstream internet speeds

Take our speed test to get an idea of what speeds you are getting from your internet provider, Windstream. The test will give you a reading on download and upload speeds and works with Windstream’s DSL and fiber-optic services.

How to use the Windstream speed test

Follow these steps to ensure you are getting an accurate speed test result.

  1. Reset your modem (optional). Unplug your modem, wait a few seconds and plug it back in to reset it. Note: This step may only be necessary if you haven’t reset your modem recently. It is not necessary to reset your modem each time before starting the test.
  2. Connect your computer directly to your modem using an Ethernet Cat5e or higher cable. If you have separate modem and router devices, make sure your cable is plugged into the modem, not the router.
  3. Disconnect any other devices from your network. This includes Wi-Fi connected devices such as cellphones, laptops, smart TVs and gaming consoles.
  4. Click “Start Testing Speed” to begin your speed test.

Compare your test results

How do your speeds compare to other Windstream speed tests? Check out the FCC numbers on Windstream advertised vs. actual speeds, plus some of the fastest cities for Windstream service below.

Windstream advertised vs. average speeds

Advertised speedAverage speedActual speed vs. advertised speed %

Cities with the fastest Windstream internet speeds according to the FCC

CityMax download speedsCityMax download speeds
Lexington, KY1,000 MbpsTexarkana, TX100 Mbps
Lincoln, NE1,000 MbpsGainesville, FL75 Mbps
Sugar Land, TX1,000 MbpsBroken Arrow, OK75 Mbps
Birmingham, AL100 MbpsColumbia, SC75 Mbps
Winston Salem, NC100 MbpsLubbock, TX75 Mbps
Cleveland, OH100 MbpsCharlotte, NC50 Mbps

Windstream speed test frequently asked questions

Is the Windstream speed test accurate?

While we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, your speed test should give you a good idea of the speeds you are getting. To ensure accuracy, use an Ethernet connection and make sure any other devices are disconnected before testing your speed.

What should my Windstream speeds be?

When testing your Windstream speeds over an Ethernet connection, your speeds should be within 80% or higher of your plan’s advertised speeds.

How can I boost my Windstream speeds?

Some things that affect your speeds, such as peak usage times, aren’t necessarily in your control. However, you can try these tips to get the most out of your Wi-Fi.

What speeds does Windstream offer?

Windstream offers speeds ranging from 1.5 to 1,000 Mbps where available. Speeds vary by location and internet connection type.

Need a speed upgrade?

Your best bet for significantly faster internet speeds is a plan upgrade. Call today to shop high-speed internet providers and plans in your area.nn

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