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Internet speeds up to 10 Mbps in select areas starting at:


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RCN internet plans are available from speeds of 10 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, although plan selection and pricing varies by the location of your serviceable location. Your service comes with no contract agreement and free standard Wi-Fi service to extend your connection throughout your entire home wirelessly. You’ll also be able to take advantage of RCN’s Service Protection Plan so a technician’s visit is free of charge if you ever experience problems with your RCN internet. 

Pricing, plan selection and max speeds will vary by location. For example, speeds up to 10 Mbps may be available for $19.99/mo.* in one ZIP code while minimum speeds up to 25 Mbps are available for that same price in another area. Contact our experts today to see more details on RCN internet in your area. 

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RCN connection types

RCN primarily uses a cable internet network, but may also use a DSL or fiber-optic network in select locations to offer gig-speeds. Depending on your location and which RCN internet plan you choose, your connection could include a cable, fiber-optic or DSL connection, or a hybrid or multiple network types.

RCN cable

RCN cable internet is available to 98% of those in RCN service areas. Speeds range from 50 to 500 Mbps. Cable internet offers faster speeds than DSL, but speeds can slow at peak usage times.

RCN fiber-optic

Fiber-optic internet often supports the fastest, most reliable internet service, and is the foundation for RCN’s Gig Internet. Available to roughly 18% of serviceable areas, RCN fiber-optic offers customers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gbps.


Less than 5% of households in RCN-serviceable areas have access to their DSL service. As an older internet technology, DSL doesn’t deliver the speeds you’d get with cable or fiber-optic internet, but may offer lower-priced internet plans.

How fast is RCN internet?

RCN internet speeds start at 10 Mbps and max out at up to 1,000 Mbps in most RCN service areas. When it comes to which RCN internet plan is right for you, “fast” internet to one household may not seem very fast to another. Consider the amount of users in your home and the activities you enjoy when selecting a RCN internet plan.

25 Mbps

Best for: 1-3 users who enjoy light browsing, streaming and downloading a few large files

100 Mbps

Best for: 1-3 users who enjoy moderate browsing, streaming in 4K and downloading large files quickly

500 Mbps

Best for: Multiple users who enjoy heavy browsing, gaming, streaming in 4K, downloading large files, hosting video chats and connecting smart home devices.

1,000 Mbps

Best for: Unlimited users who enjoy heavy browsing, gaming streaming in 4K, downloading large files quickly, hosting multi-user video chats and connecting smart home devices

Use our speed test to see what speeds you are getting from your provider, and check out our tips for boosting your Wi-Fi speeds. If you’re interested in faster internet speeds, shop internet plans from top providers in your area, like RCN.

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