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Why HughesNet?

HughesNet offers reliable home services fueled by high-performance satellite technology. Choose from four Gen5 internet plans with a wide range of data limits and home phone service with the premium calling features you need. 

Pros of satellite service

Satellite connections like the one HughesNet utilizes have unique benefits that users across the country can enjoy.

✔ Widespread availability

✔ Offered in rural areas

✔ Faster speeds than dial-up

✔ No shared bandwidth with neighboring users

HughesNet internet service

HughesNet Gen5 gives you access to a fast, reliable internet network no matter where you live. Shop and order HughesNet internet plans for your home.

HughesNet Gen5 internet features

  • Nationwide availability
  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload**
  • Manage account and monitor data with HughesNet app
  • No hard data limits***

Get a HughesNet bundle

Upgrade your internet connection and TV service at once with a HughesNet internet and TV bundle. Choose your HughesNet plan and add TV from top providers in your area, like DIRECTV.

HughesNet internet and TV bundles

HughesNet Gen5 internet + DIRECTV SELECT™ All Included starting at $84.99/mo.*

  • Up to 25 Mbps**
  • 155+ channels
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

HughesNet Voice is a great call

If you’re looking for unlimited local and long-distance calling that’s just as reliable as your internet service, HughesNet Voice is for you. Enjoy free premium calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail and more. You’ll also receive free Hughesnet Voice equipment and keep your existing phone number when you switch.

Find out what HughesNet plan fits your lifestyle

HughesNet offers five different data plan options, all of which have download speeds of up to 25 Mbps.** Find and order your perfect HughesNet plan with our resources.

HughesNet plans

  • 10 GB plan: The perfect plan for the single user or couple
  • 20 GB plan: The best plan for a small family
  • 30 GB plan: The ideal plan for the connected household with multiple devices
  • 50 GB plan: The largest plan to keep the whole family connected

A quick look at HughesNet

Is HughesNet the right internet service for your home? We research top internet providers across the U.S. to give you the info you need to choose the best provider and plan for you.

Here’s our take on how HughesNet stacks up:


HughesNet is available throughout all 50 states, making it one of the most widely-available internet service providers.


HughesNet plans start higher than most internet provider’s lowest-tiered plans. However, all plans include built-in Wi-Fi, data tokens and more.

Internet speed

All HughesNet plans come with 25 Mbps** download speeds. That’s enough speed for browsing the web, streaming video and doing what you love online.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction research sites such as American Customer Satisfaction Index and J. D. Power do not list customer satisfaction rankings for HughesNet.

Service features that set HughesNet apart

Built-in Wi-Fi

The HughesNet modem features built-in Wi-Fi technology. Connect your favorite devices and enjoy a wireless internet connection throughout your home.

Bonus Zone

During Bonus Zone, HughesNet subscribers will have access to extra high-speed data from 2 a.m.- 8 a.m. local time. Your Bonus Zone data allotment will depend on the service plan you choose.  

HughesNet mobile app

Monitor your monthly data usage, pay your bill and keep up with your HughesNet account with the HughesNet mobile app. Available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Where is HughesNet available? 

Thanks to the high availability of satellite providers, HughesNet offers home services in all 50 U.S. states. Call now to discuss plan options near your location. An expert is standing by to take your call and answer your questions.  

Contact HughesNet customer service

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HughesNet customer serivce

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HughesNet frequently asked questions

Does HughesNet satellite internet have unlimited data?

Yes. Although each HughesNet internet plan includes a set data allotment, if you go over, you can still use your internet connection at reduced speeds (typically 1-3 Mbps). 

Does HughesNet require a contract?

Yes. HughesNet home services require a 24-month contract agreement upon purchase. Early termination fees will apply if you cancel service before your contract expires.

Can I use HughesNet Bonus Zone if I’ve exceeded my data limit?

Yes. During Bonus Zone (2 a.m. – 8 a.m.), your connection speeds will increase to 25 Mbps and an additional 50 GB of data. 

Does HughesNet internet & TV work in bad weather?

Because HughesNet utilizes satellite technology, your service may be subject to weather-related disruptions. Your internet or TV service should improve once the weather clears. If you’re still experiencing issues with your service, check your speeds to see how your signal is performing. 

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