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Frontier Communications service overview

Frontier Communications is a telecommunications provider in the United States providing service to rural and small communities as well as larger metropolitan cities. Shop Frontier DSL and fiber optic services near you.

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Frontier Communications overview

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Frontier uses a DSL or fiber optic network to deliver internet and phone services. Availability for each service type will vary by location. For example, Frontier’s DSL service is available in 25 U.S. states while Frontier FiberOptic is offered in select parts of California, Florida, Indiana and Texas.

What we like

  • Fast speeds, fair prices with FiberOptic– Frontier has some of the lowest starting prices for fiber optic service available from any major provider, especially when you consider how fast starting prices are.

  • Availability in rural areas – Frontier serves many small cities, suburbs and rural areas across the U.S.

Things to consider

  • Limited fiber network– Frontier primarily uses a DSL network to deliver internet service, which lacks the speed and reliability of their fiber optic service.

  • Low customer satisfaction – The American Customer Service Satisfaction Index ranked Frontier lower than nearly all other major providers in 2020 with scores of 55/100 for internet.

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Explore Frontier Communications services

When it comes to choosing a TV and internet provider, consider factors like availability, pricing, speeds and customer satisfaction ratings. Learn more about Frontier services to help you make an informed decision.

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Frontier DSL and fiber optic internet

Frontier’s DSL service covers cities and rural areas in 25 states with speeds ranging from one to 25 Mbps. Frontier FiberOptic is available in fewer areas, but can deliver much faster speeds from 500 to 940 Mbps.

Learn more about Frontier internet

Bundle Frontier services to receive a single monthly bill and save on your home services. TV service from Frontier Communications gives you lots of package options, each with a unique mix of entertainment.

Learn more about Frontier TV bundles

Frontier Communications lets you add home phone to your internet or TV plan for a low monthly cost. Enjoy unlimited crystal-clear calling to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Learn more about Frontier services

Explore TV services that partner with Frontier, find compatible Frontier routers and compare Frontier to other providers in your area.

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