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DISH Network satellite TV packages

DISH offers four main satellite TV packages, plus add-on options for more sports, premium networks and international channels. Along with top programming, DISH customers can enjoy the Hopper3 DVR, one of the most advanced devices on the market, able to record up to 16 shows at once.

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DISH packages and pricing

DISH also has five Spanish packages featuring a mix of English and Spanish-language entertainment across 55-270+ channels depending on the package you choose.

You may have also heard about the DISH Flex Pack, a new customizable TV plan from DISH for just $54.99/mo.* Starting with 50 base channels, subscribers can add genre-style channel packs to personalize their lineup for an additional monthly price. Top off your plan with premium and add-on channels like STARZ and SHOWTIME.

Why choose DISH?

DISH Network is available nearly everywhere, delivering an exceptional TV experience with great channel variety, superior DVR technology and on-the-go viewing. 

There are some downsides to the service, however, such as lacking premium networks and the need to have a satellite dish installed. View our breakdown of DISH Network below to determine if the satellite TV service is right for you.

What we like

  • Availability – DISH is available virtually anywhere, so it’s always an option over the local cable company
  • Package variety – With packages ranging from 190-290+ channels, there’s sure to be entertainment for everyone
  • Hi-tech DVR – Few devices can compete with the functionality of DISH’s Hopper3

Things to consider

  • No HBO® – DISH has a bit of a reputation for temporarily losing rights to networks such as regional sports channels and HBO which has been blacked out for over a year
  • Two-year contract – All DISH packages come with a two-year contract, but they also come with a two-year price guarantee
  • Satellite dish required – And you’ll likely have little say over where it gets mounted

Choosing the right DISH package

When shopping for the right TV plan, we know what you’re really wondering: What channels can I watch? DISH TV packages include some of the most popular networks available, and the higher the plan tier, the more major channels you’ll receive. 

We’ve listed some popular channels that come with each DISH package below to help you decide on one. You can also view our DISH channel lineup for a full list of channels in each package.

DISH TV equipment and fees

Few TV providers can compete with DISH’s Hopper 3 device, which can record up to 16 shows at once and supports 4K viewing and streaming app access.

You’d think such an advanced device would come with a hefty rental fee, but rental fees for the Hopper 3 and smaller boxes, “Joeys,” are actually pretty reasonable compared to other providers.

  • Hopper 3 monthly rental fee: $10
  • Joey rental fee: $5 each

It’s not all good news, however. There is an upfront fee of $50 to get the Hopper 3, and if you want 4K-enabled Joeys, you’ll likely have to pay another $50 upfront for each additional device. So if you get the Hopper 3, plus two 4K Joeys, initial costs could add up to $150.

Programming fees and other DISH fees

  • Local channels: There is a fee of $12/mo. for local channels that is built into the cost of your DISH package. This fee is separate because customers have the option to opt out of getting local networks, which will save them the $12 off their total cost.
  • Regional sports fee: A regional sports fee also applies to each DISH package, but the exact amount will vary by location. Expect the regional sports fee to add somewhere between $10-$15/mo. to your bill.
  • Installation: Standard installation is included at no extra cost, so you don’t have to worry about paying for that. 
  • Early termination fee: Canceling before your two-year contract expires could result in an early termination fee of $20 for each month remaining on your contract.

Added benefits of DISH Network

Robust channel lineups and advanced DVR tech are great, but what else can you expect from DISH? Here’s a look at some of the added benefits that come with choosing DISH Network.

Compare DISH to other TV providers

DISH is a TV option in your area, but it likely isn’t the only one. DIRECTV is another popular satellite TV provider, and you may have access to cable providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum or Cox. Here’s how DISH Network compares to other TV providers.

DISH Armstrong
Starting price at
$59.99/mo.* $125/mo.* (when bundled)
190+ 35+
Streaming access
DISH Anywhere TV Everywhere
16 shows at once 6 shows at once
2-year contract 6-month agreement
Starting price at
$125/mo.* (when bundled)
Streaming Access
DISH Anywhere
TV Everywhere
16 shows at once
6 shows at once
2-year contract
6-month agreement

DISH and DIRECTV are close competitors and where you find service from one, you’ll likely find service with the other. A close comparison of the channel lineups and popular features will help you find the best provider for you. See more details on DISH vs. DIRECTV.

DISH doesn’t have internet, but you can still bundle

Want internet with your DISH package? You won’t find internet plans specifically from DISH, but you can combine DISH packages with plans from other leading providers such including Frontier, HughesNet and more.

Available DISH and internet bundles will vary by location and which internet providers are available at your address. Call to speak with our TV and internet experts about available DISH and internet bundles near you.

Call for details: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

DISH customer service

Existing DISH customer service


DISH Network FAQs

Does DISH offer senior discounts?

DISH does not offer a discounted package, but the company does extend extra perks to seniors, including DISH Protect service free for six months, free in-home service visits and a free movie rental every month.

The most affordable option from DISH is the America’s Top 120 package. The plan includes 190 popular channels, Smart HD DVR, a free Google Voice Remote and retails for $59.99/mo.*

If you cancel your service within the two-year service agreement, you’ll be charged $20 for each remaining month of your contract. So, if you have six months remaining in your agreement, you’ll be charged $120 by DISH if you cancel service.

If you are currently in possession of a Hopper, Joey, Wally, LNBF or Node/Hub from DISH, you’ll need to disconnect and return the equipment to the provider. Follow the applicable disconnection steps and package your equipment in the appropriate wrapping of your choice. Attach the prepaid label and ship the box at any local UPS location.

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