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Can I get internet with DIRECTV?

It’s easy to get DIRECTV and internet services together. While DIRECTV does not provide internet service directly, you can bundle DIRECTV packages with internet from top providers in your area.

Allconnect® simplifies shopping for DIRECTV and internet bundles. Use Allconnect to browse available plans in your area and compare package details, then call to place your order.

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Who does DIRECTV partner with for internet?

To offer DIRECTV and internet bundles throughout the US, DIRECTV partners with numerous internet service providers. As part of the AT&T family, DIRECTV offers TV and internet bundles wherever AT&T internet services are available. If AT&T is not available in your area, you could bundle DIRECTV and internet with other top DSL and fiber internet providers.

Afew internet service providers you can bundle with DIRECTV include:

See which DIRECTV and internet bundles are available in your area. Call now to speak with a DIRECTV bundle expert at Allconnect.

How to get internet with DIRECTV

Allconnect is your source for finding, comparing and ordering DIRECTV and internet bundles in your area. The process is simple, from choosing a plan to ordering and scheduling your installation. Here’s how to get DIRECTV and internet together.

Choose your DIRECTV package

Start with choosing the right DIRECTV package for your home. Packages range from 150+ to 330+ channels. You can add internet to any DIRECTV package.

Bundle with an available internet plan

Depending on your location, you may have numerous internet options for your DIRECTV bundle. Select a bundle with the right internet speeds and pricing for your home.

Order them together with one call

Once you have an idea of the DIRECTV and internet bundle you want, call Allconnect to place your order. Or if you need help finding the right bundle, call to speak with one of our friendly bundle experts.

Got questions about DIRECTV and internet?

Shopping for TV and internet services doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some answers to common DIRECTV and internet bundle questions.Call today for more information about TV and internet services.

DIRECTV offers TV and internet bundles with satellite internet from HughesNet where available. DIRECTV does not, however, provide satellite internet directly.

The cost for DIRECTV and internet bundles vary by the DIRECTV package and internet plan you choose. Call Allconnect to get accurate pricing and availability for DIRECTV and internet bundles in your area.

Available internet speeds with your DIRECTV and internet bundle will vary by location. Internet providers and available networks, such as DSL or fiber service, will determine which speeds you can get. Use Allconnect to find available speeds in your area.

DIRECTV partners with top internet service providers to offer TV and internet bundles to customers throughout the US. Some of the main internet providers include AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier and Verizon.

Use Allconnect to browse available DIRECTV and internet bundles in your area. Once you’ve found your bundle – or if you need help finding the best one for your home – give us a call at Allconnect. We’ll guide you through the order process and set up installation for a time that works for you.

DIRECTV Now requires a reliable internet connection with download speeds of at least 2.5 Mbps. Many internet service providers offer internet speeds fast enough for streaming DIRECTV Now. Call Allconnect to find the best internet plan for your needs.

Last updated 7/3/18.

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