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About Constellation Energy

Constellation is a leading energy company providing natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States, including Georgia. They provide integrated energy solutions that help customers buy, manage, and use energy more efficiently – handling everything from natural gas procurement to renewable energy and conservation.

As a result, today, more than 2.5 million residential, public sector, and business customers rely on Constellation’s commitment to innovation, dependability, transparency, and service. And, with that kind of proven track record, who wouldn’t want such a company supplying that sort of commitment and consistency to their community?

Constellation - Natural Gas in Georgia

Ever since natural gas in Georgia has become a deregulated market, you’ve had the ability to select a natural gas supplier of your choice. So, if you’re planning on moving soon, enter your new home’s address in the box above to check if Constellation’s phenomenal natural gas services are available at your address in Georgia.

And even if you aren’t planning moving anytime soon, it’s always a good idea to research your other natural gas options because your Constellation natural gas bill can likely be much cheaper than whatever your current provider is offering.

Constellation Plan Options

In addition to being a dependable energy provider, Constellation Energy offers a few different plan options so you can pick the plan that best fits your household’s budget and energy needs.

Variable Rate Plans

Similar to prices for your car’s gas, variable plan rates can change depending upon changes in the wholesale market price for a particular energy type. Once a month, Constellation determines the per-unit price of your natural gas usage based upon variables in the marketplace and their own costs. They then charge their customers for the monthly service based on that rate. With this plan, you take the gamble of either having rate increases or decreases throughout the year. And, an increased demand for energy – such as during the hottest and coldest months of the year – can make your monthly prices jump.

But, this plan does have many benefits. With a variable rate plan you get more flexibility as you are not locked into a contract, the total amount you spend in a year could be less than any other plan, and if you have good credit you could get even cheaper energy rates.

Fixed Rate Plans

Sort of like paying rent every month, a fixed rate plan rates allow you to sign a contract agreement with a natural gas company so that you’re billed the same amount each month, either for 6, 12,18 or 24 months. However, if you have to cancel the service before the term is up, then you could be charged a cancellation fee, which is often around $100.

Many people enjoy fixed rate plans because they give you the ability to lock in monthly pricing, your bills are more consistent every month, and they take the guess work out of budgeting for your energy expenses.

To find a Constellation energy plan that is right for you, simply enter your address in the box above!