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CenturyLink internet comes with simple pricing and added features such as their Price for Life Guarantee and free self installation with select plans. Learn more about CenturyLink internet and shop plans below.

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CenturyLink internet plans

What to expect with CenturyLink internet

Real speeds close to advertised speeds

  • According to an FCC report, over 45% of CenturyLink subscribers experienced speeds greater than 95% of what was initially advertised
  • About 30% received speeds within 80-95% of what was advertised
  • 25% received less than 80% of what was initially advertised

CenturyLink DSL price is the same, speeds vary

  • Looking at the CenturyLink internet pricing table above, you may have noticed that some speed tiers are the same price.
  • That’s because CenturyLink aims to get you the fastest available speed in your area at the lowest price they offer. 
  • You can choose a lower speed for the same price, but really, why would you want to?

Price for Life is real, but there is some fine print

  • Requires new internet service and paperless billing
  • Does not apply to leased equipment fees, or taxes and surcharges
  • Is cancelled if the customer’s bill does not remain in good standing or changes the account in any manner, including change of address, change of service level or suspension of service.

CenturyLink service areas and availability 

CenturyLink is one of the largest DSL and fiber optic providers in the U.S. CenturyLink service areas include residents of metro, suburban and rural areas across 36 states including Arizona, Florida and Texas.

CenturyLink internet coverage map

The majority of areas serviceable for CenturyLink will have access to DSL internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps where available. Other CenturyLink service areas, such as large cities like Denver, Des Moines, Phoenix and Seattle, will have access to CenturyLink Fiber and speeds up to 940 Mbps. 

Choosing the right CenturyLink internet plan

CenturyLink gives customers the option to choose between speeds in areas where more than one speed is available. However, all speeds up to 100 Mbps will cost the same monthly price. Our advice? Choose the fastest available speed in your area and opt for free self-installation (where available) to get the most value in the long run. 

Benefits of CenturyLink internet

Along with high speeds and a Price for Life guarantee on select plans, CenturyLink comes with a few added benefits to further entice customers.

Compare CenturyLink internet to other providers

In areas serviceable for CenturyLink fiber or DSL internet, a cable provider may also be available. You may also have access to competing DSL or fiber optic internet providers. Find out how CenturyLink compares to other internet service providers in terms of price, speeds and more below:

CenturyLink Armstrong
Starting price at
$49.00/mo.* $34.95/mo.*
Internet Speeds
3 Mbps – 940 Mbps 12 Mbps – 500 Mbps
Data cap
1 TB/mo. 200 GB – 2 TB
None No contract agreement
Starting price at
Internet Speeds
3 Mbps – 940 Mbps
12 Mbps – 500 Mbps
Data cap
1 TB/mo.
200 GB – 2 TB
No contract agreement

CenturyLink internet customer satisfaction ratings

How satisfied are CenturyLink customers compared to other providers? The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) gives the largest internet providers annual customer satisfaction scores based on feedback from actual customers. 

CenturyLink 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index rating: 63/100

  • In 2020, CenturyLink received a 63/100, a four-point improvement over their 2019 score. 
  • Compared to other providers, CenturyLink lands around the middle of the pack, ahead of providers such as Windstream (61/100) and Mediacom (59/100), but well below leaders Verizon Fios (73/100) and AT&T Fiber (68/100).

CenturyLink internet FAQs

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