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AT&T service overview

Keeping you connected, when it matters most. AT&T has proven reliability and consistent speeds.

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AT&T provider overview

AT&T is a leading internet, TV and wireless provider. With DSL, fiber optic and fixed wireless networks, streaming and satellite TV services and broad 5G coverage, AT&T gives you many ways to get the quality services you need.

What we like

  • Promotional offers – AT&T is known to sweeten the deal with extra incentives such as gift cards, free premium services and more when you sign up for new services.

  • High customer satisfaction – The American Customer Satisfaction Index ranks AT&T internet and TV higher than most with a 68/100 and 70/100, respectively in 2020.

Things to consider

  • Equipment fees – Expect equipment fees to add to the cost of your AT&T services.

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AT&T provides fast and reliable internet, and you can also add TV plans and home phone with unlimited nationwide calling.

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AT&T Fiber runs on a 100% fiber optic network, delivering speeds of 100 or 1,000 Mbps where available. AT&T also offers AT&T Internet, a DSL-based service, and fixed-wireless internet services in areas where AT&T Fiber is not yet available.

Explore AT&T internet plans

AT&T’s triple play plans with internet, TV and voice service are a popular choice and incredibly convenient. Get all your essential home services on one bill for some of the best rates available.

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Whether you want AT&T landline home phone, AT&T wireless service or both, you can include phone service in your AT&T triple-play bundle.


Are AT&T services available at my address?

Availability for AT&T services varies by location. Residents in the southern U.S., Midwest or parts of California or Nevada are most likely to be eligible for AT&T internet services.

AT&T has greater availability than many providers and received higher internet customer satisfaction scores from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) in 2020 with a 68/100 for internet services.

AT&T Fiber is currently in dozens of cities across the U.S. with plans to further expand their fiber-optic network in the coming years. View the AT&T Fiber coverage mapto see which cities are currently eligible for AT&T Fiber, and which will get access in the near future.

American Telephone & Telegraph, but don’t let the name fool you. When AT&T began in 1885, telephone and telegraph were their main services, but now AT&T has expanded into wireless phone, fiber-optic internet, TV services and more.

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