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Choose to bundle DIRECTV service with AT&T internet and phone, or choose AT&T U-verse TV bundles. DIRECTV satellite packages and AT&T U-verse TV plans both have great channel lineups and unique features.

Choosing an AT&T TV plan for your home is simple with Allconnect®. We’ll show you the latest AT&T TV packages in your areas. You can easily add AT&T internet and home phone to your plan to create the AT&T bundle that’s right for you.

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AT&T TV packages: Which is right for you?


  • Most channel package options
  • NFL Sunday Ticket option
  • Nationwide availability
  • 2-yr price-lock
  • 2-yr contract
  • Satellite service reliability


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AT&T U-verse

  • Highest channel count availability
  • U-verse TV app for on the go viewing
  • Set a customized Multiview
  • 1-year price agreement
  • 1-year contract
  • Equipment fees for HD DVR

Get AT&T and DIRECTV for your home

AT&T offers a variety of DIRECTV plans with different channel lineups and pricing. Allconnect can help you find the right DIRECTV TV plan for your home with the right channels, pricing and package options for you. Check out AT&T’s DIRECTV TV plan options below.

Channels 155+ 160+ 185+ 235+ 250+ 330+
Best for The casual channel flipper The weekend sports watcher The indie movie lover The lifelong learner The classic cartoon lover The sports fanatic
NFL Sunday Ticket 2018  season included No, but available No, but available Yes Yes Yes Yes

All DIRECTV plans also include these great features:

  • On Demand programming with access to more than 20,000 titles
  • HD DVR
  • Access to recorded movies, live channels and recorded shows on the DIRECTV App
  • Popular channels such as A&E, Disney, Freeform, HGTV, TBS and more
  • 2-year DIRECTV price guarantee with required 2-year DIRECTV service agreement

Ordering your DIRECTV TV package is easy with Allconnect. We’ll show you which TV packages are offered in your area, and we’ll let you know about any special offers available with your order.


Find your new AT&T U-Verse TV plan

AT&T U-verse TV is like cable TV, but it transmits channels via an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) connection.

Since AT&T U-verse uses internet technology to provide TV service instead of a satellite dish, setting up U-verse with AT&T internet is quick and easy. Plus, U-verse TV service won’t experience natural or weather interferences as often as satellite. Check out AT&T U-verse plans now.

U-Basic U-family TV plan U-200 TV plan U-300 TV plan U-450 TV plan
Channels 20+ 200+ 360+ 470+ 550+
Best channels for Local channels Kids and family Movies & news Music and learning Complete sports
HD channels Available for $10/mo. Included Included Included Included

Most AT&T U-verse plans also include these great features:

  • On Demand programming with access to more than 550 channels and thousands of titles
  • U-verse TV App to watch on the go
  • Premium channels HBOⓇ and CinemaxⓇ included for free first 3 months
  • Additional monthly savings with Autopay and Paperless Billing Enrollment
  • 1-year price guarantee with required U-verse 12-month agreement

Ordering your AT&T U-verse TV plan is easy with Allconnect. We’ll show you which TV and internet packages are offered in your area, and let you know about additional deals that could be available near you.

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DIRECTV NOW is different from the DIRECTV TV app. DIRECTV provides TV via satellite signal and the app lets you access all the satellite TV channels you normally watch.

DIRECTV NOW gives you access to just the TV shows you choose. Plus, you don’t need any more equipment than the router and modem you already have at home for your internet. You can also download shows and stream them directly to your device using the DIRECTV NOW app.

All DIRECTV NOW TV plans also include these great features:

  • A free trial
  • Optional premium channels
  • Access to more than 20,000 On Demand titles

DIRECTV NOW offers select local channels depending on where you live.

How does AT&T TV work?

Choose from an AT&T and DIRECTV plan or an U-verse TV package to get On Demand programming, HD viewing and more.

How do AT&T and DIRECTV work together?

When you sign up for DIRECTV service, you’ll choose your unique channel package, and you’ll have the option to bundle with AT&T phone or internet services. Then an AT&T professional will set up your satellite dish and help you start your DIRECTV satellite TV service. Once your dish is set up, you can watch your favorite shows and movies at home. You can also view DIRECTV channels on the go with the DIRECTV App, which is included with all DIRECTV subscriptions.

How does AT&T U-verse work?

AT&T U-verse gives you access to live TV channels and On Demand programming by a digital network called Internet Protocol Television where fiber networks are available. With IPTV, a home internet connection gives you direct access to the video network. The direct network connection lets watch all your favorite channels and movies without relying on your Wi-Fi connection for streaming.

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Answers to common AT&T TV questions

Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions about AT&T TV service. For more information, and to order an AT&T TV package for your home, call to speak with one of our AT&T TV service experts.

AT&T TV can be satellite or cable. DIRECTV service is satellite TV. AT&T U-verse is available as an IPTV service where AT&T high-speed internet is available.

Yes, DIRECTV is a part of AT&T. AT&T purchased the satellite TV service in July 2015. However, AT&T offers many other services in addition to DIRECTV satellite TV.

AT&T live TV refers to television shows in real time programming. Basically, live TV is what’s playing on a given channel at that moment. Live TV shows aren’t readily available like an On Demand movie or a show on a streaming service such as Netflix.

With AT&T U-verse DVR, record up to 4 shows at once and up to 155 hours of HD content. With DIRECTV, DVR up to 5 shows at once and store up to 200 hours of HD content. With DIRECTV NOW, DVR up to a total 20 hours of content using True Cloud DVR Beta.

You can use one of AT&T’s three TV apps. Depending on which AT&T TV service you purchase, you can watch TV using the DIRECTV App, the DIRECTV NOW App or the U-verse TV App to watch live TV and On Demand programming. Download your applicable AT&T TV app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

Yes. If you’re away from your TV, you can set your DVR to record with the U-verse TV app. In the app, tap “Guide” in the bottom navigation bar. Then select the program to record. Tap “Record episode” or “Record series.” To access your DVR, tap “Recordings” in the bottom navigation bar.

Last updated 6/15/18.

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