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Contact AT&T TV or internet customer service

For billing questions, changes to your account and over the phone bill payment, dial the AT&T customer service number below.

AT&T TV customer service number


You can call the AT&T customer service phone number, but there are many ways to contact customer service.

Send your tweet to: @ATTCares

Check the AT&T twitter feed for information about AT&T services, including outages and troubleshooting tips. Avoid sending personal account information unless in a Direct Message.

Send a Facebook message to:

Check the AT&T Facebook page for information about AT&T services, events, tips and more. Avoid sending personal account information unless in a private Facebook message.

To live chat with an AT&T representative, visit: AT&T – Contact Us. Then tap on “Chat Available” and choose which service you’d like to live chat about.

You can talk to fellow AT&T customers and AT&T employees on the AT&T Community Forums. There, you’ll also find video tutorials and discussions categorized by topic.

Use the AT&T store locator to find the nearest AT&T store or AT&T authorized retailer. These locations allow you to shop for new devices, new service packages get service support and more.

You can find select videos in the AT&T Community Forums. You’ll also find support videos in the AT&T Support Center. Enter the problem you’re troubleshooting or the topic you’re interested in, and then filter the content type to find how-to videos.

Tips for speaking with AT&T customer service

Here are a few tips for contacting AT&T customer service by phone:

  • Have a pen and paper nearby to jot down important information.
  • Have your AT&T account number ready. You can find this number on your most recent billing statement or on your online AT&T account profile.
  • Listen to each menu option carefully and select the one that most applies to your reason for calling.
  • If possible, avoid potentially long wait times by calling during non-traditional business hours. The AT&T customer service line is available at different times depending on AT&T service. Many service lines are available until 7 p.m. or later.
  • Write down the name of your AT&T customer service representative, and give them your phone number in case the call gets disconnected.
  • Have a payment method ready if calling to pay your AT&T bill.

Need AT&T technical support?

AT&T tech support


AT&T technical support is available to customers to receive help with their services.

  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Navigating U-verse options
  • Resetting a wireless router
  • Service outages
  • And more!

AT&T tech support online

AT&T online support

Available 24/7

Visit the AT&T online support page for billing and account support as well as tech support, community forum discussions and instructional videos about AT&T services and equipment.

How to pay your AT&T bill

To pay via phone call, call 1-800-222-0300.

To set up text pay services, log into your AT&T account and follow the TXT-2-PAY prompts. After you set up TXT-2-PAY, you will receive a free text message 6 days before your bill due date. You’ll be able to pay by responding to the automated text message.

To pay with the myAT&T App, text myATT to 556699. You’ll get a link to download the app. Download the myAT&T App and log into your account on the app to make payments.

  • From the AT&T homepage, tap “Sign in” in the top navigation bar.
  • Sign in using your User ID and Password.
  • Select “Make a payment.”
  • Select “Payment Method” from the drop-down and select your payment type. If you select a new method, a pop-up opens.
  • Complete the fields and select “Continue.”
  • Select “Next” and finally “Submit.”

  • Visit the Payment Mailing Address search to find out where you can mail payments.
  • Enter your ZIP code to find the mailing address where you can mail bill payments.
  • Mail your monthly AT&T service payments to the address given.

  • Find your nearest AT&T Pay station to see location and hours. Not all stores have pay stations, but many do.
  • If you want to speak with someone at a store, make an appointment online to speed up the process.
  • Pay in person with cash, check, debit card or credit card.

AT&T customer service frequently asked questions

You can order AT&T internet, TV and home phone with one quick phone call to Allconnect. Dial the number at the top of your screen to complete your order and schedule your AT&T service installation if needed.

Many AT&T stores are authorized AT&T retailers. Corporate stores may handle and sell slightly different products and services than authorized retailers. Retailers are independently owned and operated. Before you visit a store, call to ask what services they can provide.

To check if your internet service is down, visit the AT&T Troubleshooting page. Then log in with your AT&T account information and tap on “Check for Outages.” AT&T will provide you with local service status information.

Visit AT&T’s Service Area map to find out if AT&T is available near you. Currently, AT&T internet is available in 21 states across the U.S. DIRECTV is available nationwide and AT&T home security services are available in 25 states.

AT&T customer service does not provide an email, so the best way to contact AT&T is by calling customer service or starting a live chat.

Late fees for late internet, digital phone or U-verse TV payments are up to $10 per bill that isn’t paid in full. Late fees for late DIRECTV payments are up to $4.25.

Last updated on 6/14/18.

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