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About Atlantic Broadband

As the name implies, Atlantic Broadband is an internet provider with service areas in the Eastern U.S. Owned and operated by Cogeco Cable Holdings, Atlantic Broadband offers high-speed internet as well as TV and home phone services in 11 states, making it one of the largest cable providers in the U.S. 

If you’re considering Atlantic Broadband for your home, you can learn more about the provider below. We’ve done the research on Atlantic Broadband — including availability, pricing and internet speeds — to help you find the right plan.

Where is Atlantic Broadband available?

Atlantic Broadband brings high-speed cable internet to small towns and rural areas primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, but also in parts of Aiken, SC, and Miami, FL.

As with most cable internet providers, availability for Atlantic Broadband varies widely by ZIP code and possibly by address within the same ZIP code. Click “Shop providers” below to check for available internet providers in your ZIP code, or call to speak with our internet experts about specific plans for your address.

Atlantic Broadband internet service

Atlantic Broadband offers up to four internet plans where available. Plan pricing and available speeds may vary by location. Additionally, Atlantic Broadband plans may require a modem lease for an added fee of up to $11/mo.

Atlantic Broadband internet plans

What type of internet is Atlantic Broadband?

Atlantic Broadband uses a cable network for all internet and TV services. A 100% cable network gives Atlantic Broadband a speed edge over most DSL and satellite internet services. However, cable internet may be more susceptible to slower speeds during peak usage times than fiber-optic internet services.

How fast is Atlantic Broadband internet?

Atlantic Broadband download speeds range from 50 to 1,000 Mbps with upload speeds ranging from 6 to 50 Mbps where available. These speeds are comparable to those from other major cable internet providers, such as Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity.

Atlantic Broadband internet, TV and home phone bundles

Atlantic Broadband lets you combine their internet, TV and home phone services into one bundle package. Bundling Atlantic Broadband services may present you with more TV package options than you’d get by choosing standalone TV, but it may also limit the number of available internet speeds.

Atlantic Broadband cable TV

Atlantic Broadband TV packages include your local channels, plus many popular news, sports, entertainment and family networks. Some Atlantic Broadband TV packages may also include premium networks, especially when you bundle with internet.

Atlantic Broadband TV extras

  • TiVo DVR service: Available with Atlantic Broadband bundles, a TiVo box and DVR service lets you record and watch shows on your time. The device also gives you direct access to streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube and HBO GO.
  • Live TV streaming: Your Atlantic Broadband subscription enables you to stream live TV on dozens of networks. All you need is an internet connection and your Atlantic Broadband login.
  • Premium channel add-ons: Watch blockbuster hits and acclaimed original series on HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, EPIX® and STARZ®, available for an added monthly cost.

Why choose Atlantic Broadband?

If Atlantic Broadband is available in your area, you may also have access to other internet providers. Here are some benefits of choosing Atlantic Broadband that you may not get from other internet providers in your area.

Atlantic Broadband frequently asked questions and customer service information

Atlantic Broadband customer service number: 800.746.4726

Atlantic Broadband technical support number: 866.832.4726

Is Atlantic Broadband available in my area?

Nearly two million people across 11 states are eligible for Atlantic Broadband internet, TV and phone services. Primary service areas include rural regions in the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Atlantic Broadband is also available in Aiken, SC, and areas of Miami, FL.

Does Atlantic Broadband support 4K?

Atlantic Broadband TV packages do not include 4K channels, but their internet plans give you speeds fast enough to support streaming in 4K. Additionally, TiVo devices from Atlantic Broadband may also support 4K when using it to stream 4K content via Netflix or YouTube. 

Can I use my own router with Atlantic Broadband?

No. Atlantic Broadband requires you to lease their equipment for internet service. 

Does Atlantic Broadband have add-on sports packs?

No. Add-on sports packs such as MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass are not available with Atlantic Broadband TV services.

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