TV, internet, and home phone bundles

Set up all your home services in the same place and get a discount for bundling. Pricing and bundle promotions will vary by provider and location. We’ve listed details for double and triple play bundles from some of the nation’s top providers to help you compare.

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Bundle benefits and savings

Bundling is convenient, both when shopping for home services and when paying your monthly bill, but it can also come with upfront and monthly savings. Many providers offer monthly discounts of $10 off or more per service when you bundle. In addition to monthly savings, many providers incentivize customers to bundle with special offers such as:

  • Free installation
  • Included streaming services
  • Rental fee waivers
  • Equipment or package upgrades
  • Free gift cards 

Best providers for bundling

National and regional internet providers that also offer TV and home phone services often combine these services into one package or bundle. “Double play” bundles with internet and TV or internet and home phone, and “triple play” bundles with internet, TV and home phone are the most common types of home service bundles.

Triple play internet, TV and phone

Triple play bundles typically come with the most savings. Some providers may even include home phone at no extra cost when you bundle internet and TV together. We’ve listed some popular triple play deals below, but additional options are likely to be available in your area.

Internet, TV and home phone bundles

Can you save with a TV, internet and phone bundle?

Many providers have TV, internet and home phone packages that cost less than buying each on its own. Depending on the package, you could save money month after month by bundling internet, TV and phone instead of purchasing each service separately.

Bundle deals from popular, national providers

Cox TV Starter, Internet Starter & Voice Premier

  • Package starting at $74.99/mo.*
  • Internet $29.99/mo. for up to 10 Mbps*
  • TV $25/mo. for 75+ channels*
  • Phone $29.99/mo. for unlimited nationwide calling*
  • Bundled savings: $19.99/mo.*

Optimum Internet 300, Core TV and home phone

  • Package starting at $75.00/mo.*
  • Standalone internet $45.00/mo. for up to 300 Mbps*
  • Core TV $50.00/mo. for 220+ channels*
  • Phone service not available standalone
  • Bundled savings: $20/mo.*

Spectrum Triple Play Select package

  • Package starting at $99.97/mo.*
  • Internet $49.99/mo. for up to 100 Mbps*
  • TV $44.99/mo. for 125+ channels*
  • Phone $29.99/mo. for unlimited nationwide calling*
  • Bundled savings: $25/mo.*

Xfinity X1 Triple Play

  • Package starting at $79.99/mo.*
  • Internet $49.99/mo. for up to 150 Mbps*
  • TV $59.99/mo. for 140+ channels*
  • Phone $29.99/mo. for unlimited nationwide calling*
  • Bundled savings: $59.98/mo.*

Bundle savings vary by provider, location and package. Call to shop exclusive offers in your area, or browse packages online.

Double play internet and TV 

Most cable and fiber-optic providers offer double play bundles featuring just internet and TV. We’ve listed some cheap internet and TV offers from popular providers below, but you likely have additional bundle options available at your address.

Internet and TV bundles

Call for availability: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Double play internet and home phone

Cord-cutters who don’t need a traditional TV service can still take advantage of bundle savings where available. Bundling internet and home phone can also present additional bundle options from providers such as HughesNet and Viasat that do not offer TV service.

Internet and phone bundles

Call for availability: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Bundle shopping tips from our experts

Will more services mean bigger savings? Will my savings fluctuate if I add services with my provider? We’ve been in the business of helping customers get their best deals for 20+ years. Our team has the experience and the knowledge to help you shop smarter.

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Bundles FAQs

Can you bundle cell phone service with internet and TV?

Some providers like Spectrum and Xfinity offer discounted wireless internet service when you bundle with an additional home service. See more about the savings you can get from a cellphone home service bundle with a provider near you.

Your bundle savings will depend on the provider of your choice. Most bundles start at $10 off of each service added to a TV, internet and phone plan, but some providers help you save more.

Optimum offers the cheapest internet, TV and phone bundle with their Optimum 300, Core TV and phone Triple Play. The bundle starts at $65/mo.* and includes speeds up to 300 Mbps, more than 220 channels and over 21 popular calling features with local and long distance calling.

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