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Find phone, TV and internet services in Portland

Portland and the rest of the Pacific Northwest has an easy way to set up home services from national providers like DIRECTVDISH and XFINITY. With Allconnect®, you can find and compare plans from top providers in Portland. Just choose the home phonehigh-speed internet and cable TV services that are right for your home and call to order.

You can be moving or simply trying to find a better deal on your existing connections. Either way, compare prices from national telephone, cable or satellite TV and high-speed internet providers. If you’re not actually moving, simply switching to a new provider or a new plan with your current provider could mean a lower monthly bill. Use your ZIP code to find plans available in your area, and give us quick call to place your order.

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Portland, Oregon TV and internet providers

Order electric utilities in Portland

Operating as Pacific Power, PacifiCorp delivers some of the lowest-cost electricity in the United States. Providing 1.7 million customers with reliable, efficient energy, PacifiCorp drives energy efficiency with coal, hydro, renewable wind power, gas-fired combustion turbines, solar and geothermal production.

A company providing another reliable and necessary home service is ADT. Offering 24-hour home security monitoring, 7 days a week, ADT can help you provide a safe home for you and your family. Most insurance companies will even offer up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance bill just for having a security system.

Moving to Portland, Oregon

Quite possibly the greenest city in the country, Portland is also known for its distinct “Do It Yourself” culture. This DIY attitude has led to many cultural achievements, like Zine publishing, micro-brewing, and several eclectic music styles and performance artists.

However, Portland has a booming modern economy driven mainly by manufacturing and technology. Producing everything from apparel to computer components, Portland is home to several international brands. Its high concentration of technology companies and trees has even led to a new nickname, the “Silicon Forest.”

Enjoy the Portland outdoors, but don’t forget about connecting your new home telephone, digital TV, and cable Internet connections. Just enter your ZIP code at the top of the page to search providers.

You can find more information on Portland on the official City of Portland website. While in Portland, be sure to check out some of the other well-known cities on the West Coast. You can explore all kinds of architecture and history without ever moving to Seattle, WA or San Francisco, CA. Both great places to visit near Portland.

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Whether you’re new to the Portland area or just looking for faster internet, cheaper cable service and more reliable home phone, our TV and internet experts can make the process simple. Call Allconnect now to get the most up-to-date pricing and offers from major national providers. We’ll find and compare providers in your area to help you select a plan that’s right for you and your family.