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Staying connected in New York City is easier than ever. Choose from national providers like Verizon, DIRECTV and DISH to connect your new telephone, TV or high-speed internet service. Ordering with Allconnect® is free, and we make connecting your new home services fast and easy. Give us a call to compare providers and plans in your area. Then, select the home phone, internet and TV plans from local and national providers that are right for you and your home. Even if you’re not moving, lowering your monthly bill is easy. Compare plans and prices and try switching to a new provider. Call Allconnect to get started.

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New Yorkers currently receive electrical power from New York Power Authority as well as Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc., also known as “Con Edison” or “Con Ed.” New York Power Authority is a non-profit, public-benefit energy corporation and America’s largest state-owned power company. Con Edison is a regulated utility which provides electricity and natural gas throughout the New York metro area.

Con Edison and the New York Power Authority provide the power for a city full of energy, but it’s up to you to provide a safe home for your family. Protecting your family and your house is a necessity, not a luxury. Luckily, home security providers offer 24-hour home security monitoring, 7 days a week. Even better, most insurance companies will offer up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance just for having a security system. You save on your monthly insurance bill while enjoying the peace of mind a home security system brings to your home.

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Moving to New York, New York?

New York, New York. NYC. The City that Never Sleeps. The Big Apple. Gotham. Whatever you call it, New York City is like no other place on earth. The unofficial capital of the world, New York has continually influenced global commerce, finance, culture and entertainment.

As if to prove its global presence, New York is home to the United Nations. Made up of 5 distinct boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), the New York metro area houses just under 20 million residents with a myriad of cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. It’s this blend of people that have made New York such a vibrant trend-setting city.

Along with London and Tokyo, New York City helps set the pace for the world economy. The city is an international hub of finance and culture, so staying connected is a necessity. We’ll help you get set up with your new home phone, digital TV and high-speed internet connection. Just enter your ZIP code or give us a call to get connected in your little piece of New York, New York.

Find more information on New York by visiting the New York City official website. Of course, New York is close to many other major Northeastern cities. You could even visit “enemy territory” without ever moving to Boston, MA.

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