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Mover Services | Free Moving Quotes & Change Your Address | Allconnect

Mover Services

Get a Free Moving Quote

Whether you’re relocating to a new city across the country or are just moving down the street, you probably still need a helping hand. And while you can sometimes ask your friends and families to pitch in, oftentimes it’d just be smarter and easier on everybody to hire a professional moving company.

However, when you’re trying to pick a move crew for your life’s belongings, it’s a wise move to compare your options. Here’s why:

  • You’ll have better information to use when creating your moving budget.
  • You’ll know the average price for movers in your area.
  • You’ll have a great starting point for comparing the different services of moving companies.
  • And you won’t get tricked into paying way more than necessary.

So, don’t just settle for the first moving company you see – the one “that’s good enough.” Because when you visit, you can get FREE quotes from professional movers in your area – and get the best deal possible.


Submit Your Change of Address Form

Anytime you’re making a move, you want to be sure that your mail makes the move with you. So, remember to submit your official Change of Address Form through And while you could waste time driving to the post office and standing in line there just to fill out exactly the same form, that’s not the smartest move. Because if you’re moving soon, in the middle of one now, or standing inside your new place surrounded by piles of yet-unpacked boxes, then you probably don’t have any time to waste.

Moreover, filling this form out online is the best method – for speed, convenience, and accuracy – and you immediately get an email confirmation of the change. After the post office accepts your change of address, any mail that is addressed to your old address is forwarded to your new address.

This mail-forwarding service lasts one year for First-Class Mail and 60 days for periodicals and magazines. It also helps some senders know that they need to update their databases on their backend to use your new address.

So complete the form now by clicking the button below and leave no mail behind!