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Mover Services

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Planning a big move? Consider hiring a professional moving company so you can focus on more important things and start enjoying your new home sooner. Professional movers can help you pack/unpack, set up appliances, provide extra storage and more.

When looking for a moving company, it’s important to compare your options for several reasons:

  • You’ll have better information to create your moving budget.

  • You’ll know the average price for movers in your area.

  • You’ll be able to compare the different services moving companies offer.

  • And, you won’t get tricked into paying way more than you need to.

Get free moving quotes from Allied professional movers in your area to find the best deal on your long distance move.


Submit your change of address form

Anytime you move, you want your mail to move with you. To do this, submit your official change of address form through USPS.

You can do this in person at the post office or online. But, the easiest way to change your address is by filling it out online – and you immediately get an email confirmation of the change.

After the post office accepts your change of address, any mail sent to your old address will be forwarded to your new address.

This mail-forwarding service lasts one year for First-Class Mail and 60 days for periodicals and magazines. It also helps some senders know that they need to update their databases on their backend to use your new address.

Click the button below to start your USPS change of address.