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Minnesota internet providers in Minneapolis and across the state

Whether you live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, the heart of Rochester or one of Minnesota’s more rural areas, you won’t have to look far for a high speed internet connection. Broadband internet availability and quality are high throughout the North Star State.

The most popular internet providers in Minnesota are CenturyLink, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum and HughesNet. Allconnect can help you learn more about internet providers and plans in Minnesota, quickly and all in one convenient place. Click below to search your address for available internet plans in your area.

Types of internet service in Minnesota

Depending on where you live in Minnesota, you may have access to different types of internet. The internet type often plays a major role in the price and available speeds for internet in Minnesota. Here’s a look at the types of internet offered in Minnesota:

Types of Internet in Minnesota

Internet Type Method of delivery Avail. In MN Avail. in Minneapolis Top Providers Pricing* Speeds*
DSL Phone lines 92.9% 99.7% CenturyLink Starting at $34.95/mo Up to 25 Mbps
Cable Copper cables 84.2% 99.3% Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum Starting at $29.99/mo Up to 100 Mbps
Fiber Fiber optics 16.5% 12.9% CenturyLink Starting at $75/mo Up to 1,000 Mbps
Satellite Satellite signal 99.9% 99.9% HughesNet Starting at $49.99/mo Up to 25 Mbps


*Available speeds and pricing will vary by location.

Biggest internet providers in Minnesota

There are a number of internet providers in Minnesota, especially in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Available providers will depend on your location, as will available speeds and plan pricing. Living in Minneapolis will likely give you access to more internet providers and plans in Minnesota than other regions. For some rural areas, satellite internet may be the best option for speed and reliability.

Check out some of the possible internet providers for your Minnesota home. Click “Check Availability” below any of the providers listed to see available internet plans in your area.



Internet type:DSL/Fiber

Availability in Minnesota: 70%

Availability in Minneapolis: 98.8%

Primary areas of service: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth

Plans starting at: $34.99/mo.

Fastest speeds: Up to 100 Mbps in select areas; up to 1,000 Mbps where fiber is available

Special offers: Price guarantee on select plans

xfinity minnesota

Internet type: Cable

Availability in Minnesota: 46.5%

Availability in Minneapolis: 99.3%

Primary areas of service:Twin Cities

Plans starting at: $29.99/mo.

Fastest speeds:Up to 100 Mbps

Special offers:Free access to Wi-Fi hotspots


charter minnesota

Internet type: Cable

Availability in Minnesota: 17%

Availability in Minneapolis: <10%

Primary areas of service: Central Minnesota, St. Cloud, Brainerd

Plans starting at: $29.99/mo.

Fastest speeds:Up to 100 Mbps

Special offers: Free modem, free online security protection with Security Suite®

hughesnet minnesota

Internet type: Satellite

Availability in Minnesota: 99.9%

Availability in Minneapolis: 99.9%

Primary areas of service:All of Minnesota has access to satellite internet

Plans starting at: $49.99/mo.

Fastest speeds:Up to 25 Mbps

Special offers:Standard installation included

Find the best internet in Minnesota for your home

It’s easy to find and compare internet plans in Minnesota with Allconnect. Within minutes, you can shop and compare available plans and order the best one for your home. Here’s how to find the best internet for your home:

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What speeds do you need for your home?

Having the fastest internet in Minnesota is great, but it’s unnecessary to pay for ultra-fast internet if you don’t need it. Consider your internet usage before choosing an internet plan for your home. Finding the right plan with the speeds you need is the best way to get the most value from your internet provider.

1-6 Mbps - Ideal for light internet activity such as browsing the web, sending emails, downloading pictures and downloading music a few songs at a time. DSL is the most common internet type to offer these speeds.

10-25 Mbps - Better equipped for streaming shows/movies in standard definition, downloading multiple files at once and connecting 2-3 devices. These speeds can usually support online gaming as well, but you may experience frequent lagging. DSL, satellite internet and some cable plans will offer these speeds.

40-75 Mbps - Perfect for moderate internet use such as HD streaming and online gaming with less buffering/lag, downloading 25+ songs at once and connecting 4-7 devices at once. Cable internet will be your best option for these speeds.

100+ Mbps - Best for heavy internet use, HD streaming, online gaming, video conferencing and connecting up to 10 devices at once. Speeds up to 100 Mbps may be available through cable, but higher speeds will likely only be available with fiber internet.

Which internet speeds are available in your area? Check all the internet speed options for your Minnesota home here:

Cheapest internet in Minnesota and the Twin Cities area: $29.99/mo.

Both Comcast and Charter list $29.99/mo. as their lowest-priced internet available in Minnesota. With the lowest-priced plans, you can expect download speeds around 10 Mbps, which is sufficient for sending emails, downloading music and standard-definition streaming.

Before going with the cheapest internet plan in Minnesota, it’s important to make sure it offers enough speed to handle your online activity. If you want to stream in HD, game online or connect multiple devices at once, the lowest-priced internet plan will likely not meet your needs. Consider your internet usage and check out all available plans before committing to an internet plan based solely on price.

Wi-Fi hotspots and free Wi-Fi access in Minnesota

Minneapolis is one of the few cities to offer residents free Wi-Fi throughout the entire city. With access to over 100 outdoor hotspots, you can connect to the city’s free Wi-Fi network from nearly anywhere within the city limits. See the location of all free wireless hotspots in Minneapolis here.

If you have Charter Spectrum or Comcast Xfinity, you can access free Wi-Fi hotspots from your provider in select areas of Minnesota, including Minneapolis. Click on the links below to see the Wi-Fi hotspots offered by each provider.

Charter Spectrum Comcast Xfinity