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Alternatives to Cable TV

The Best Alternatives to Cable TV

Okay, so after much thought, maybe cable just isn’t a good fit for taking care of all your entertainment needs. And that’s quite alright. There are a number of other, fine TV alternatives to cable that will deliver much of the same content, for a lower price. So get to know them below, and see which one of these cable TValternatives is best for you.


Certain TV alternative products – such as AT&T’s U-Verse – let you receive a high-quality TV connection without need of cable. For this cable TV alternative to work, you simply need a DSL modem to translate the signal coming into your home from your service provider, which will then allow you to have TV on any number of devices in your home.

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Satellite TV

Do you live in an area that cable companies don’t service? With satellite TV, that’s never been a problem. In fact, that’s what gives this cable TV alternative providers – such as DISH – their edge. They can beam TV directly into your home from nearly anywhere in the world. Just be sure to have a satellite TV technician come out to install and calibrate your satellite dish properly so you get the best possible satellite service.

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Internet-Enabled TV

Do you find that you mostly just need the Internet these days, and aren’t really interested in having the most channels possible? Maybe you just watch a few TV series, enjoy a couple of OnDemand movies a month. In that case, an Internet-enabled TV alternative may be the best option for your entertainment needs.

With today’s great advancements in technology, you can now watch a lot of TV through an Internet connection. Using devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart Blu-Ray or DVD players, etc., you can stream much of the TV programming available through many major TV networks. As such, a cheaper alternative to cable TV (though also a less robust one) is to simply purchase a fast and powerful Internet connection and stream your favorite shows on there.

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