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What is Local Phone Service?

Just in case you’re a little fuzzy on the differences between local and long-distance calls, let us clarify for you.

A local call is what occurs when someone rings another person within the same town or local metropolitan area. It requires only a single call-switching center since it doesn’t need to travel to another telephone network. On the other hand, a long-distance call requires the use of multiple call-switching centers, tapping into two or more phone service networks, which is why they can cost a little more.

And what enables you to make all those local phone calls to your nearby friends and family? Why it’s your local phone service, of course!

Here’s Why You Need Local Phone Service

Okay, so think back to your most recent, sleepless night. Now, because you couldn’t turn your mind off, you were probably mindlessly watching reruns of those zany, infomercial ads at four in the morning. And every time they’d want you to buy something, what would they repeat: “Just give us a toll-free call at 1-800-…” That specific pointing out of “toll-free” is important here, because it explains exactly why you need a local phone service provider.

Usually, if you don’t have to dial the 3-digit area code before punching in your friend’s 7-digit phone number, then you’re making a toll-free call. That’s because the call doesn’t have far to travel, and it doesn’t need those additional routing numbers. But when you’re calling folks far away, then there are additional numbers needed, and an additional charge for connecting that call. Here’s why.

Traditionally, local phone service was provided by small companies based in given cities and towns, as opposed to larger, national, or international companies. And, telephone calls made to places outside the local area were patched through long-distance networks provided by these companies. Thus, prior to the advent of cell phones, most phone calls were made via landlines, and local companies were thereby involved in some capacity in nearly every phone communication. However, cell phone calls have much farther to travel now – literally to satellites out in space. This can make them take longer to connect, more expensive to patch through, and more of a hassle to handle.

Therefore, while the rise of cell phones may be a good fit for the communication needs of some folks, it’s not true for everyone. And services such as DSL Internet give local phone service companies new and vital roles in the telecommunications industry. As such, having local phone service makes your calling cheaper and more convenient.

How to Get Local Phone Service in Your Area

Since phone lines have been around for over 130 years, odds are really, really good that there’s already a local phone service provider in your area. And we’ve partnered with local phone service providers you already know and trust all across the country to bring you the best deals on your local phone service. Nearly every plan our partners offer comes packed with features such as Unlimited Calling, Priority Ringing, Call Blocking, Caller ID, and Call Waiting. Plus, you have the opportunity to select additional calling features to supplement your phone plan even further. And, as if that wasn’t awesome enough, you’re almost guaranteed to save even more money when you connect your home phone, TV, and Internet together in a bundle.

So enter your address in the search box above to see which phone companies provide local phone service at your home. Compare plans, then select your new service provider, and add all the calling features you want for your local phone. No matter which phone plan you choose, our online setup is always free, and getting connected with the local phone service of your choice is absolutely worth it.