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What is an ISP Provider?

At its core, “ISP” stands for “Internet Service Provider,” and is a company that provides internet access and related services to people and businesses for a monthly fee. Companies such as AT&TCharterCoxDISHVerizon, and XFINITY have been bringing the Internet into homes and business all across the country for decades, making them the most popular ISP providers.

And when it comes to sending the high speed Internet signal into your home, the ISP providers have a few different methods and technologies to make that happen. Each option – CableDSLSatelliteDial-Up, or Fiber Optic – brings the internet into your home with a variety of pricing options, features, and benefits.

How to Find the Best ISP Provider

When you’re searching for the best ISP provider, the first big choice you’ll have to make is deciding how you’d like to receive the signal. And whether you choose to get connected with Cable, DSL, Satellite, Dial-Up, or Fiber Optic technology, there are a number of big things you’ll definitely want to consider when comparing your options. So, use the information below to make the most informed decision possible when choosing the best ISP provider for your needs.

  • Availability: Depending upon where you live – in an urban, suburban, or rural area – only certain ISP provider options may be available to you. So, double check the internet services in your area first to see which ones are even possible before you get too attached to one particular service or company.
  • Speed: Consider all of what you plan to be doing with your internet service. Only checking email? Casual web browsing? Streaming HD movies? The bigger the upload and download demand, the more speed you’ll need. Also, keep in mind the number of devices you’re planning on connecting to your home network. Each one will tap into the signal, and too many laptops, tablets, and smartphones drawing on the signal at the same time will bog it down – if you don’t have the bandwidth to handle the digital draw. To check your current internet speed, use our internet speed test tool
  • Price: In recent years, with increased competition from multiple internet service providers and signal types, prices have dropped for various services in certain areas. This has also increased the number of features and packages available at the same cost in other areas. So, be sure to compare all your ISP provider options to see just how far your dollar might go. Likely, your internet connection can be tailored to your service, price, and speed needs.
  • Contract Terms and Length: Not only is price important, but be sure to read the fine print on contract lengths and introductory pricing. The first year of service may be a complete bargain, but make sure you’re not then locked into a contract for too long. You never know when you may feel the need to change your internet service type or ISP provider.
  • Ease of Connecting: If you’re looking to get connected to the web as easily and quickly as possible, then consider what’s already set up in your home or building. For example, since cable internet uses your cable television connection, the necessary wires may already be installed, and all you’d need to do is call your internet service provider to flip the switch. Similarly, DSL uses your phone connection to access the web, and that may be just as easy.
  • Quality of Signal: Since different ISP provider technologies get you connected to the internet in different ways, each one has its own pros and cons. For example, fiber internet may be super fast, but it’s not available in all areas. On the flip side, if a satellite internet dish is not installed and positioned correctly by a technician, interference can cause connection problems, regardless of where you live.
  • Bundles: Does your preferred ISP provider also offer TV and home phone in your area? Odds are pretty good that they do. And if you’re looking to save a bunch of money while getting a bunch of entertainment services and home utilities connected, then an internet bundle may be the wisest way to work it in your favor.

As you’re comparing everything, remember that every ISP provider – like AT&T, Charter, Cox, DISH, Verizon, and XFINITY – offers a wide variety of internet connection types, plans, packages, speeds, and prices. And, always keep in mind that the reason they’re giving you this much choice is because they want your business. So, make sure you do your research and keep the ace in your hand.

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