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How to Get Internet: 4 Steps

Are you a first-time Internet buyer? Have you just moved and are now unsure of where to get Internet at your new address? Are you looking to get Internet from a new ISP provider? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get the best internet for your needs.

At Allconnect, we have already done all the research and heavy lifting for you. You just need to make the final call or click to get connected to the Internet service provider of your choice. So, just follow the steps below and learn how easy it can be to get internet in your home

Step 1 - Enter Your Address in the Box Above

First, enter your home or apartment address in the box above. Once you do, we’ll show you all the Internet service providers available in your area who can get your home connected to the internet.

Step 2 - Compare Available Internet Providers and Plans

Second, read through the different providers and plans we pull up, figure out which ones might make the most sense for all your Internet needs. Not sure what your needs are? Here are some important things to consider: connection type (cable, DSL, satellite, or fiber optic), Internet speed, price, service reliability, contract lengths and bundle or package deals

Our online side-by-side internet comparison tool makes this super simple. But, if all of this seems like too much trouble, you can always call us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and one of our friendly service advisers will be more than happy to talk you through getting the best internet deal

Step 3 - Order Your Internet Service

Third, once you’ve found your favorite provider and plan, let us know. In just a few minutes, we’ll gather some basic information from you, schedule an appointment with your new Internet service provider, and, if you want, even help you connect all your other home utilities – like TVHome PhoneHome Security, and more.

Step 4 - Set Up Your Internet Service

Fourth, in a few days, your new Internet service provider will come out to your house and physically connect your home to the network. If you opt to set up your internet router on your own, check out our guide on how to set up your router. From then on, you get to enjoy all the benefits of the internet like streaming videos, online shopping and surfing the web

And that’s how to get Internet at your home in four simple, easy steps! Ready to get started? Simply enter your address in the box above and you'll get internet in no time at all!