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Get Connected to Home Wifi

What is Wireless Home Internet?

More commonly known as “WiFi” wireless home Internet gives you access to the internet from anywhere in your home without having to be plugged, or wired, into anything. The wired Internet comes into your home from your Internet service provider, your modem translates the signal, and then your router distributes your Internet connection throughout your home. But, instead of having to plug all your devices into a wired router, your devices are able to communicate with each other, and the internet, over the airwaves – wirelessly.

Why You Need Home WiFi

Home WiFi service makes for a more interconnected house. Some of the major benefits of home WiFi are:

  • Large Bandwidth: connect all of your devices (smart phones, lap tops, gaming systems and tablets) to your network without slowing anything down
  • Fast speeds: stream, game, surf the web and upload with ease
  • Control: interact with any smart home devices (such as a smart thermostat, smart lock, or smart lighting system) you may have installed in your house from inside your home or from a remote location
  • On-the-go Access: Many home WiFi providers include wireless hot spots in their internet packages, so you can stay connected to the internet even when you aren't at home

How to Choose Your Home WiFi Service

To help you make this important decision about setting up your WiFi at home, we’ve broken down the three main things that matter most when it comes to figuring out what kind of WiFi home service you need.

Connection Type and Availability

Companies such as AT&TCharterCoxDISHVerizon, and XFINITY have been bringing Internet into homes all across the country for decades making them some of the most popular home WiFi providers as well.

Each connection type, cablesatelliteDSL, and fiber optic, is a little different in how it works to bring wireless home Internet to you, and our comparison chart will walk you through the differences. Beyond that, certain home WiFi providers usually offer service in certain areas, so be sure the provider of your choice is wherever you call home. To see a side-by-side comparison of the internet providers and connection types offered in your area, enter your address in the box above.

Data Usage and Online Activities

Here’s the big question: What do you do online, and how would you like to use the web? If you’re just sending emails and reading online news pages, you can easily get by with a download speed of 6 to 12 Mbps. However, if you planning on doing a bunch of video streaming and online gaming, then you’ll want a home WiFi speed of 20 Mbps or above. This will allow you to avoid much of that annoying buffering and lag. And remember, the faster your download speed, the better your performance will be.

Number of Devices on Your Home WiFi Network

Of course, no matter how great you think your download speed is, if you overload your home WiFi network with too many connected devices, then your web performance will suffer. Each connected device (computer, phone, tablet, or smart home device), and what its demanding of the WiFi signal, will affect how quickly the network will be able to perform. So, always keep in mind that, the higher your bandwidth (or speed) is, the more devices you’re able to connect to the system without causing any lag.

Find Home WiFi That’s Perfect for You

Once you’ve thought through all the big points above, let Allconnect handle the rest of the specifics. Simply enter your address in the box at the top of the page, and we’ll bring back a list of all the home WiFi providers and plans that service your area. We’ll even gladly help you choose one that works best to handle all your wireless home Internet needs – all for FREE.