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Natural Gas Usage Calculator

Use Allconnect’s natural gas usage calculator to help identify where you may be able to cut back or upgrade to more energy efficient products. The natural gas usage calculator will give you an idea of how much natural gas you use in each area of your home and how much it costs per therm and total.

We’ve pre-populated the calculator with $0.79 cost per therm, since the average price per therm for an 18-month fixed rate plan in Georgia was $0.79 (as of September 2010).

However, your actual cost per therm may vary depending on your natural gas provider. You can change the amount to reflect your actual cost per therm based on your natural gas provider’s current rates.

Note: Your natural gas usage will rise in winter months if you use a natural gas heating system. This calculator does not attempt to average winter natural gas usage, but rather typical daily use throughout the year.


Your Current Cost per Therm: $


Location Appliance Average BTU Per Use1 Average Use Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Kitchen Oven hrs /week    
  Oven - broiler unit hrs /week    
  Oven - stovetop burners hrs /week    
  Oven - pilot light3 (always on) hrs /week    
Laundry Room Dryer loads /week    
  Washer - Top Load (40 gal)2 loads /week    
  Washer - Front Load (25 gal)2 loads /week    
Living Room Gas Fireplace hrs /week    
Bathroom Shower (2.5 gal)2 /week    
  Baths (15 gal)2 /week    
Always On Hot Water Heater Pilot Light3 (always on) hrs /week    
  Furnace Pilot Light3 (always on) hrs /week    
Outdoors Natural Gas Grill hrs /week    
  Pool Heater4 hrs /week    


  Monthly Cost Annual Cost


1 Unless otherwise noted, the "Average BTU per Use" assumes a single hour is used for each "use" of the appliance.
2 Appliances using hot water are estimated on the amount of water used and the btu it takes to heat a gallon of water. A btu is the unit of measure for the amount of energy it takes to heat a pound of water by a single degree Fahrenheit. A single therm is equal to 100,000 btu and a gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds. Assuming the average hot water heater tank is 40 gallons, and the incoming water supply is 60 degrees, and we like our hot water at 110 degrees, we'd need to heat the tank 50 degrees. The formula used would be (40 x 8.3 x 50) = 16600 btu, or approximately 0.166 therms. The average shower uses 2.5 gallons of hot water per minute, at 5 minutes with the average bath using 15 gallons. Knowing that, he shower formula would be (12.5 x 8.3 x 50) = 5188 btu and the bath formula would be (15 x 8.3 x 50) = 6225 btu.
3 The average btu for the "Always On" items typically pilot lights, are estimated on a 24 hour basis at 168 hours per week.
4 This assumes the average pool heater runs for approximately 100 hours per month.