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Compare Georgia Natural Gas Rates

Just like how you have the power of choice when picking a natural gas provider, you also have options when it comes to picking a natural gas rate payment plan. And since they come in all shapes and sizes, there’s a plan out there that’s a great fit for you. Read more about your gas plan options below.

Your Georgia Natural Gas Rate Options

Variable Rate Plans

Similar to prices for your car’s gas, variable plan rates can change depending upon changes in the wholesale market price for natural gas. Once a month, providers determine the per-therm price based on variables in the marketplace and their own operational costs. They then charge their customers for the monthly natural gas service based on that rate.

With this plan, customers take the gamble of either having rate increases or decreases throughout the year. And, an increased demand for natural gas – such as during the hottest and coldest months of the year – can make your natural gas prices jump up.


  • More flexibility than a fixed rate plan, as customers aren't locked into a 6, 12, or 18-month contract. This means you won’t be penalized if you need to cancel for any reason.
  • Due to the competition, variable-rate plans are the same across all natural gas service providers, making it easier for you to compare plans.
  • The total amount you spend over a full year may be less with a variable-rate plan.
  • Sometimes, natural gas companies will offer different variable rate plans based on a consumer's credit history. So if you have good credit, you could get even cheaper natural gas rates.

Fixed Rate Plans

Sort of like paying rent every month, fixed rate plans allow you to sign a contract agreement with a natural gas company so that you’re billed the same amount each month, either for 6, 12, or 18 months. However, if you have to cancel the service before the term is up, then you could be charged a cancellation fee, which is often around $100.


  • Lock in a monthly rate that won't change for the length of the contract. While your bill could increase or decrease depending on your usage, the rate you'll be paying per therm will always remain the same.
  • More consistency in your bills every month, even during the heavy-use months with more extreme weather conditions.
  • Takes the guess work out of budgeting for your natural gas expenses.

Fixed-Flex Rate Plans

Falling somewhere in between a fixed rate and and a variable rate payment plan, some natural gas providers offer a fixed flex rate pricing option. This unique type of plan allows you to adjust your per-therm rate once during the course of your contract.


  • Get the consistency of a fixed rate plan with the flexibility of a variable rate plan.
  • If the per-therm rate decreases, then you're able to take advantage of the savings by choosing the lower option moving forward.

Pre-Pay Rate Plans

Some natural gas providers offer a pre-pay plan where new customers simply pay in advance for the expected costs of their natural gas service that month. The gas company then adjusts the amount owed on the next bill, once they read the gas meter and know the actual gas usage for that billing period. They then apply the difference toward your next month’s bill.


  • Great alternative for anyone who’s on a tight budget
  • Accommodating option for individuals with a lower credit score
  • There’s no deposit required (but customers must make the initial month’s payment before service begins)

Senior Citizen Discount Plans

For those older, natural gas customers out there, rest easy knowing that your natural gas provider is working hard to keep your lights on and your home comfortable at a reasonable rate. The qualifications to apply for a senior citizens' discount may vary, so it's important to check with your natural gas provider to find out what their specific requirements are.


  • Could save you up to $14 per month on your natural gas bill.

Providers may or may not offer all these varieties of payment options, so be sure to enter your address in the top right box above to find out which plans and providers are offered in your area.