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The Power to Choose: Compare Georgia Natural Gas Rates

Within the Georgia gas market, you can compare natural gas rates and order yours from reputable gas providers in Georgia. And with Allconnect, we’ve already done all the research for you, so you can instantly learn everything you need to know about the natural gas providers available to you.

Search by area, city, zip code, or company name to see which companies provide service in your area. Click around to learn more about each of them, and then do a side-by-side comparison of your preferred natural gas companies in Georgia to see which one best fits your needs.

Natural Gas Companies in Georgia

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In a few minutes, you’ll can have your new natural gas service completely ordered, and you’ll be enjoying its benefits shortly after. Because switching between natural gas companies is a seamless process that can be completed in as quickly as three days, without any interruption to your service.

How to Compare Georgia Natural Gas Rates and Providers

  • Base Price (per therm): An essential number to always keep in mind
  • Payment Options and Plans: Fixed rate, variable rate, and prepaid rate plans
  • Length of Contract: Termination fees; stability vs. flexibility
  • Incentives and Deals: Discounted introductory rates, cash-back bill credits, rewards points programs, no- or low-charge service visits, not requiring security deposits, etc.
  • Alternative Energy Offerings & Benefits: Potential tax credits and rebates for using this cleaner source of energy
  • Customer Service: Since providers are now competing for your business, how they treat you actually matters now

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How Does Deregulated Natural Gas Work in Georgia?

The deregulation of the natural gas market in the Atlanta Gas & Light (AGL) service area has allowed gas companies to offer their energy supply products directly to you, the consumer. As such, natural gas rates in Georgia are no longer regulated by the local municipality, but by a competitive marketplace, which is a great thing if you’re looking for natural gas in Georgia.

What does this mean for you? Your natural gas is still being delivered as it always has been – through the gas pipes maintained by the same utility company in your area. The only difference for you is that, with deregulated energy, you are now purchasing your natural gas from a retail gas provider that takes care of all the customer service and billing.

That’s good news for you, as it means that you’re no longer forced to receive your natural gas from any one particular gas company. Instead, you can choose your preferred Georgia gas company – just like you already do with other common home utilities such as Internet, TV, and Home Phone service.

Why Georgia Gas Deregulation Is Great for Your Pocket

A deregulated energy market offers Georgia consumers, like you, a variety of natural gas options by allowing you to choose your preferred Georgia gas company.

With Georgia gas deregulation, consumers benefit from:

  • Lower natural gas bills
  • Alternative (green) energy choices
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Innovative services
  • More options overall

 And, at the most basic level, this saves you money. Competition for your service stops gas companies from jacking up their natural gas rates whenever and however they see fit.