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Get connected in San Antonio with new telephone, cable or satellite TV, and high speed Internet service from national providers like Time Warner CableDIRECTVDish Network dish TV, and AT&T. Our free online set up is the fast and easy way to connect all your home services. Just enter your address in the "Find Services" box above to see what's available in your neighborhood. Then compare and select your new local phone servicehigh speed Internet, and digital TV plans. Or try a service bundle when you combine two or more services.

Our service is free to use even if you're not moving to a new home. You could simply try to find a better deal on your existing connections. Our compare feature will help you find prices from national telephone, cable or satellite TV, and high speed Internet providers. You could save money each month by switching to a new provider or trying a new plan with your current provider. Just enter your address above to see what's available. Online setup is free.

San Antonio Phone, TV, and Internet Service Providers


DirecTV - Dish satellite TV service Dish Network - Dish satellite television provider Security Choice - Home security systems and home security monitoring CenturyLink High speed internet

San Antonio Internet Providers

If you’ve recently moved to the area, you’re likely wondering what Internet providers San Antonio has to offer. The good news is that your options are plenty.

The largest high speed Internet providers in San Antonio are AT&T and Time Warner Cable (which recently merged with Charter Communications to offer its services under the new Spectrum brand). Here’s a brief overview of each company.

  • AT&T: AT&T has the perfect high-speed Internet package for you whether you plan to use the Internet for streaming movies, downloading music, or playing online games. Each package features a full suite of anti-virus software, dependable wireless signal throughout your home, and aceess to more than 300,000 hot spots spread all across the country at no extra charge.
  • Time Warner Cable (Charter Spectrum): Spectrum Internet brings you the fastest speeds available, starting at 60 Mbps – 20x faster than standard DSL – which is enough speed to handle the demand of every connected device in your home. And all that speed comes with both a FREE Internet modem and no contract.

These two companies provide Internet access to most of San Antonio, whereas providers like DirecTV and DISH serve only certain sections of the city. So, to check which internet providers service your exact neighborhood in San Antonio – and to compare San Antonio internet service providers, plans, speeds and pricing – simply enter your address in the box above, and we’ll show you every option available to you.

Order Home Services in San Antonio: Gas & Electric Utilities

San Antonio and the surrounding areas currently receive natural gas and electricity from CPS Energy. As the nation's largest municipally owned energy company, CPS Energy provides affordable and reliable natural gas and electricity to San Antonio with a special focus on customer service and environmental sensitivity.

Also available in San Antonio, Security Choice offers another suite of reliable services for your home. With 24 hour home security monitoring, 7 days a week,  Security Choice helps you provide protection to your home and family. And if security isn't enough, most insurance companies will even offer up to 20% off your homeowner's insurance policy just for having a security system. Enter your address in the "Find Services" box at the top of the page to see which security systems are available in San Antonio.

Moving to San Antonio, Texas

Home to the Alamo, San Antonio still has a large interest in defending the homeland. The Air Force has a particularly large presence in San Antonio. Lackland Air Force base hosts the Air Force basic training, while nearby Randolph Air Force base hosts the Air Education and Training Command.

Of course, it's not all about the business of defense. San Antonio is home to the top two visited tourist destinations in Texas, the world famous Alamo and the River Walk along the San Antonio River. And while tourism is important to the city, San Antonio welcomes the headquarters for many of the big names in the telecommunications, energy, and finance industries.

San Antonio is the perfect mix of old and new, business and pleasure. Start the experience by setting up your new telephone, digital TV, and cable or DSL Internet connections. There's no cost to set up your account online. Just enter your address in the "Find Services" box at the top of the page and get connected. Check out the rest of San Antonio by visiting the official City of San Antonio website.

While there are miles and miles between most major cities in Texas, San Antonio is relatively close to a few. You can make a short drive to explore Texas without actually moving to Houston, TX or Dallas/Ft Worth. It's big state, so you've got your work cut out for you. Get out there and explore!

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