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7 Ways to Save Money on Internet Access

Like many home services, Internet access plans vary and change frequently. And as more people choose to "cut the cord", cable companies have begun to increase the prices of stand alone internet. As you evaluate the Internet service providers in your area, here are some hints to help you save money.

1. Evaluate what speed you really need.

Internet providers continue to offer faster and higher speeds, but they cost more. Unless you frequently download or stream large files with photographs, video, and other images, you may not need the fastest access available.To see what your current internet speed is, take our internet speed test.

2. Watch out for Extra Fees

As you evaluate internet plans, make sure you compare plans based on the fees and set-up charges, what the rate will be after the introductory period ends, the length of the contract, and if there are any cancellation fees.

3. Consider Bundling Your Services

Phone and Internet bundles, where you combine home phone service, high speed Internet and/or cable TV or satellite TV, will probably save you money. But evaluate the costs separately, especially if the high speed Internet that comes with the bundle provides faster access than you need. Companies frequently bundle their premium services and promote them with special offers.

4. Compare Internet Plans in Your Area

Access to DSL Internet, cable Internet, satellite Internet, fiber optic Internet, and dialup internet varies depending on your address and new services are constantly being introduced. Saving money on Internet service requires periodic reviews. For a one-stop overview of the options for your home, enter your address in the search box above. The comparison tool allows you to select several internet options, including bundles, and evaluate them side by side.

5. Switch Internet Providers

Be willing to switch providers after your contract ends if there's a better deal with a new internet provider. When you contact your current provider to switch, they may match the price or give you a better deal.

6. Consider Dial up

If you're looking to save big on internet, dial up internet is the cheapest option if you don't browse the Internet much, don’t stream TV shows and don't receive emails with large attachments. But, warning, you will probably spend more time waiting for pages to load.

7. Remember when your Contract Ends

Make a note on your calendar as to when your contract with your Internet provider ends. The week it ends, enter your address in the internet provider comparison tool above and compare the current rates, bundles, and promotions.