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Cable TV vs. Satellite TV: How to Choose

To receive the widest range of televised entertainment requires some form of pay service. Given the similarites in service and price, we'd like to make sure you know how to choose between cable TV and satellite TV. Here are some areas to consider as you evaluate providers, special offers and decide which service is right for you:

Price of Cable vs. Satellite

  • Cable TV companies may offer less expensive packages, but they may not include as many channels. If you break out price per channel, satellite TV could be cheaper in the long run.
  • For the complete picture on cost, examine one-time fees, the introductory price vs. the price after the promotional period, and the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • TV service is often sold as part of a bundle that provides phone service and high speed Internet as well, making price comparison more confusing. When it comes to special offers, think about what you really need.

Cable vs. Satellite TV Programming

  • The number of channels you're able to receive may not be as important as the type of programming. Sports aficionados, for example, might prefer satellite TV because it offers sports programs from throughout the country. People who don't watch a lot of TV or are mainly interested in receiving local channels will probably be fine with cable TV.
  • Features and benefits vary between providers. Consider on-demand programming, online resources, high-def programming, digital recorder service, and smartphone apps that may make a difference in your satisfaction with the provider.


  • Cable TV may not be offered in some areas.
  • If you are renting, confirm that your landlord will give technicians permission to install a dish on the roof.

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