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Find internet and TV providers in Indianapolis

If you’re moving to Indianapolis or simply shopping for a better deal on your current internet and TV services, Allconnect® can help. We gather availability, pricing and other info on top providers in your area so you can find, compare and order the best services for your home.

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What types of internet are available in Indianapolis?

Internet service providers in Indianapolis offer cable, DSL, satellite and fiber internet.

Cable internet features fast speeds, and no phone line is needed. XFINITY or Spectrum may be available depending on where you live in Indianapolis.

  • Speeds – Cable internet in Indianapolis can reach up to 2 Gbps.
  • Bundle savings – XFINITY and Spectrum offer discounts on internet bundle.
  • Shared bandwidth – You may have slower speeds during peak usage times.

DSL internet offers a steady connection great for browsing the web and light streaming. AT&T makes DSL internet available for nearly everyone in the Indianapolis area. Speeds vary by location.

  • Pricing – DSL plans are often cheaper than cable or fiber internet.
  • Availability – DSL internet is readily available throughout Indianapolis.
  • Speeds – Max speeds for DSL are not as fast as cable or fiber.

Fiber internet gives you fast, consistent download and upload speeds. It’s a great high-speed internet option in Indianapolis. AT&T provides fiber internet in Indianapolis, but availability is limited.

  • Dedicated bandwidth – Less speed interruption during peak usage times.
  • Pricing – Fiber plans are generally cheaper than comparable cable plans.
  • Availability – Fiber is not yet available for almost half of Indianapolis residents.

HughesNet satellite internet gives you access to high-speed internet even if you live in rural areas outside Indianapolis where cable or DSL internet may not be available.

  • Availability – Satellite internet is more readily available than any other internet type.
  • Speeds – Download and upload speeds are slower than most other internet types.
  • Data limitations – Monthly data allowances are lower than what you’d get with cable or DSL. Going over your data may result in slower speeds.

Shop Indianapolis internet service providers

Your best internet options in Indianapolis likely include cable internet from XFINITY or Spectrum, and DSL or fiber from AT&T. Each provider offers a variety of internet speeds and prices. Use Allconnect to find the best internet plan in Indianapolis for your home.

  AT&T Logo Spectrum Logo XFINITY Logo
Internet type DSL/Fiber Cable Cable
Indianapolis coverage 98% DSL, <10% Fiber 39% 65%
Coverage areas All of Indianapolis Center-city Greater Indianapolis
Max internet speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 2 Gbps
Data caps 1 TB/mo. and unlimited data with select plans None 1 TB/mo.
Wi-Fi hotspots in Indianapolis Yes Yes Yes
Equipment included Wi-Fi Gateway router Modem None
Contract 1-year service agreement None  None

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Compare cable and internet TV providers in Indianapolis

Cable or satellite TV are great options for TV service in Indianapolis. Depending on where you live, XFINITY or Spectrum will be your cable TV provider. Satellite TV from DIRECTV or DISH is available throughout the city.

  DIRECTV Logo DISH Logo Spectrum Logo XFINITY Logo
Package options 6 4 3 7
Channels 155-330+ 190-290+ 125-200+ 10-260+
Local channels Included Starting at $12/mo. Included Included
HD Included Included Included Up to $10/mo. fee for HD on more than 1 TV
DVR recordings Up to 5 shows at once Up to 16 shows at once Up to 4 shows at once Up to 6 shows at once
DVR fee Included for 1 device, starting at $7/mo.* for each additional Included for 1 device, starting at $7/mo.* for each additional Starting at $6.99/mo.* per device Starting at $10/mo.* Varies by device
On Demand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bundles best with AT&T internet Varies Spectrum internet XFINITY internet
Unique advantage NFL SUNDAY TICKET exclusive Best DVR device Contract buyout offer Access Netflix from your DVR

Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 04/04/18.

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Order other utility services in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Power and Light Company provides electricity to the greater Indianapolis area. Citizens Natural Gas is one of the area’s leading natural gas providers, but you may have options when it comes to who provides your natural gas. Both companies are equally dedicated to customer satisfaction and dependable service focused on keeping the residents and businesses of Indianapolis up and running.

Moving to Indianapolis?

If you’re new to the Indianapolis area, rely on Allconnect to find the best internet and TV service providers for your new home. To further help you get settled into your new city and home, we’ve provided some helpful links about the city.

Last updated 4/04/18

Find deals on internet in Indianapolis

Whether you’re moving to Indianapolis or just curious about internet and TV rates that may be available for your current home, Allconnect can help. Call now for deals from available providers in your area.