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Allconnect® is a free and easy-to-use service designed to help you compare and order utility and home services, save you money and get you back to your day. We know you love living in the American Heartland, though it can get plenty cold and occasionally bleak outside. We’re here to set you up for everything from harsh winters to rainy days cuddling on the couch. Get started with Allconnect now by giving us a call today.

Find utilities in Iowa

Hey, you don’t have to be from Des Moines or Iowa City to take advantage of our services. We can help you whether you’re in the Quad Cities, live in Rock Rapids, and everywhere in between. Allconnect can help both big-city and small-town folk find the utilities and entertainment services available at their ZIP code

Iowa TV, internet and phone providers

While we know that there’s a lot to see and do in the Hawkeye State, we also know that when the temperature drops and harsh winter hits, you’ll want the most reliable cable or satellite package and the speediest internet plan for your streaming binges. Allconnect is built to give you a custom experience. If you prefer the internet rates of one provider, no problem! Order from that provider, then add the cable package from an entirely different service. Want to save the most money? Check out bundles and triple plays. Remember, we’re here to help — give our TV and internet experts a call.

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Phone, cable and internet packages are available in cities throughout Iowa. Call our internet experts today to see what providers and services are available at your ZIP code.

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Last updated on 10/15/18.

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Call our internet experts today to join more than 5 million happy customers. It’s easy to get the right internet plan for you — give us a call today.