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Why SimpliSafe security?

In 13 years, SimpliSafe security systems have gone from an invention in the Massachusetts home of Chad and Eleanor Laurans to one of the most popular DIY home security systems in the country.

SimpliSafe offers self-installed, customizable home security systems for homes, apartments and businesses. Customers can have their SimpliSafe security system monitored by professionals who will dispatch the authorities in the event of emergencies.

SimpliSafe packages include basic motion detection, home environmental monitoring and video surveillance. Customers can also get alerts sent to their phones or tablets for detected activity. SimpliSafe packages retail for as low as $229.96 while professional monitoring starts at $14.99/mo.*

Features that set SimpliSafe apart

SimpliSafe home security packages

The Homestead

Get the essentials you need for basic home protection plus a handy key fob with SimpliSafe’s Homestead package. You can secure up to three points of entry and a main area with the motion sensor. The key fob also features a panic button that you can use in case of emergencies to contact SimpliSafe’s monitoring center. The Homestead retails for $284.93.*

Package features:

  • 1 Simplisafe base station
  • 1 wireless keypad
  • 3 entry sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 key fob

The Keep

Add on video surveillance with the SimpliSafe Keep package. This package features the SimpliCam indoor camera for HD, live video streaming and a key fob for easy arming and disarming. With either the Interactive or Pro Superior monitoring plan, you can get access to recorded footage for up to 30 days. The Keep retails for $443.90.*

Package features:

  • 1 Simplisafe base station
  • 1 wireless keypad
  • 5 entry sensors
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 1 key fob
  • 1 SimpliCam indoor camera

The Haven

SimpliSafe’s Haven package adds on protection in the event of fires, freezing and leaks with a smoke detector, freeze sensor and water sensor. With either of SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring plans, you can also get text and email alerts in the event of environmental hazards in your home. The Haven package retails for $489.86.*

Package features:

  • 1 SimpliSafe base station
  • 1 wireless keypad
  • 4 entry sensors
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 1 panic button
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 freeze sensor
  • 1 water sensor
  • 1 key fob
  • 1 auxiliary siren

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Compare SimpliSafe security packages

SimpliSafe security packageProfessional monitoring starting priceMotion detectionOptional video surveillanceSmart home features
The Homestead$14.99/mo.*Available with the Interactive and Pro Superior monitoring plans
The Keep$14.99/mo.*Available with the Interactive and Pro Superior monitoring plans
The Haven$14.99/mo.*Available with the Interactive and Pro Superior monitoring plans

SimpliSafe frequently asked questions

I don’t feel comfortable installing SimpliSafe. Can a professional help install the system?

Yes. SimpliSafe offers Pro Setup Help for $79 with an approved technician coming to your home and setting up your security system for you.

Is a contract required?

No. There’s no contract for SimpliSafe’s home security services.

Can I take my system with me if I move?

Yes. SimpliSafe equipment can be relocated and set up in a new location.